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IE6 is out.... the verdict..

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  • IE6 is out.... the verdict..

    As you may know IE6 has just been offically released... (although most ppl would have used the beta, either downloaded or with WinXP)...

    so whats the verdct? I just downloaded (rather quickly thru my cable!) and installed this latest microsoft offering and im using it now.

    Nothing new I can see here in this final release, even less than in the betas!

    for ppl who have used it, whats the verdect?
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    Well I tried a beta of it, and never plan on installing the final release (unless I get XP). I had to reinstall Windows ME because the beta screwed up my computer that bad. I couldn't even get on the internet to use it at the end! And I have heard countless stories of other people having the same problem. M.A.V.I.C. System
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      I've been running the beta for a few weeks, and have not really noticed anything, good or bad. Seems just like 5 to me, but is slightly slower.
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        lol, 5 actually seems no different from 4 (2 me), except 5 is slower.... hmm a trend seems 2 b developing

        i've still got ie3 in the car
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          i just got it and installed IE6 and it seems nice. theres not much of a difference between 5 and 6 thou. but you do get a new looking icon on the desktop. heh. good ole' microshaft.
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            This is my conspiracy theory:

            Have you ever noticed that no matter how fast computers become, the software that follows the hardware never seems any faster .. in fact, as the software development continues, it always gets _SLOWER_ ?

            Microsoft is one of the worst offenders of the trend. Every release of software they produce becomes slower than the last .. seemingly despite any attempt at a hardware upgrade.

            Microsoft is actually the most evil of all software design houses .. they invented software cancer: DLLs.

            Anyways .. why would software become slower and slower (aside from the obvious lack of effort by the programmers [or the lack of time due to unreasonable deadlines]) ?? Simple: Microsoft, AMD, and Intel are all conspiring. Microsoft makes ****ty software run even slower with each release .. but they do so only noticeably enough .. but not too obvious .. and eventually, we get fed up with how slow something is running .. and we upgrade (which is where the hardware folks make their buck)

            Let's face it .. if Microsoft were really interested in making good software .. they wouldn't have an entire branch of their company developing and publishing patches 24/7 .. they would have done it right the first time. Talk about lepper-ware.

            What a stupid idea .. IE6 .. ya know ? What the hell does it do differntly to crash your comp. ? It's like trying to invent a better wheel.

            - well .. that's my rant for now ...

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              goos point james... i agree windows is the bane of the pc..... but:

              what if u r runnung linux or beos?

              would u need to upgrade then?
              i think u still would, maybe just not as often

              my two cents
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                The difference is that when you upgrade a Linux OS or program the newer version is actually better and faster. It's not in Microsoft's best interest to make great software becuase then there would be no reason for people to upgrade to the next version for more $$.


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                  I heard IE6 doesn't have built-in Java support out-of-the-box. I believe if you want Java support, you'll have to download a separate patch and install it. I'm not totally certain so those who have it go check it out. Try playing some of the Java games on Excite, etc.

                  Other than that I don't know what else was changed/improved/made slower
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                    Was forced to install ie6 on my work machine, damn company policy is a ****ed up thing.

                    any body try and organise large amounts of favorites.... enjoy in good healt and i sure hope you have got a lot of time. you cant move more than one item at a time ( ge wiz we didnt think any one would move more than one shortcut, well if you have disabled personal menus in win2k then ie 6 will adopt this, while ie5 wont, which means all is personalised or nothing) so reorganise 200 favorites is really funny when you can only drag on file at once.

                    Yes i am aware that there is a librery where i can admin my favourites, but they made at program for it and i expectet it to be pretty easy to use ... wrongo ... sucks ...

                    other than that i see a few differences in how privacy is handled (had to reconfigure that part )

                    personal advice: if possible stay away from ie6


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                      I just use Filesync to synchronize my favorites. Maybe I dont understand what's so hard about what you're dooing Darkwingduck???
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                        I know exactly what he means, I have the same problem. Hes saying this:

                        If you have 200 favorites and you want to organize them into subfolders with the favorites, you have to painstankigly drag em one by one into the new folder. Youcant hold down cntrl like it a windows directory. So heres the trick:

                        You go to C:\WINDOWS\Favorites and it displays all your favorites there. You can make sub folders within the directory and drag and copy, paste as you see fit. Saves alot of time.

                        -Good 'ol CrazyShaxs =)
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                          I guess I meant the same thing. I just figured everyone knew how to do that...

                          [ 09-21-2001: Message edited by: Falcon62Travis ]
                          1983 BMW 733i
                          Cyrix 166 32MB with MPXPLAY And no display. Player sits on the back seat with a keypad in front. Someday I'll mount this thing for good...
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