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  • hello

    well im new here i just got my puter runing
    in the back of my truck hope to get it
    all set up tomarro so i can go on a test drive

    just draging by

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    Cool. What are the specs/details of the system?
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      it is a amd 500,256 meg ram,sound blaster pro
      40 gig hd,touck pad. arise dc to dc convrter and a panisonic indash 7 inch wide screen

      for sound i have 4 JL 10w6s pinix gold amps
      eq ecsetra this is all in a show truck.

      i wanted to post pics but i cant figur it out

      just draging by


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        your running an amd 500, 256mb ram etc...and only a soundblaster pro!!?? why? Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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          well thats what i had but now i see i need a beter card for sound cuz the sound sucks at extreme volume the bass is lowsy and ****y
          what sound card would you recommend.

          just draging by


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            SoundBlaster Live


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              soundblaster AWE64 gold (gold rca outputs)


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                i have a Sound Blaster Live Value. that AWE64 sounds nice since it has the gold rca outs...hmm. i wonder which sounds better. im guessing the SB Live would since its newer, or am i wrong?
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                  skidrow, i would love to see some pics please.
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                    here some pics of my truck dont have pic of system yet

                    [img]null[/img] [IMG]

                    ill get pics of the set up this weekend

                    im finshing up the bed kit for the bat

                    al so how mutch power dose the dc to dc pull like how long can i have it on before the puter shuts off becus of low power i would like to run this for likr 3 to 4 hr at car shows

                    just draging by


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                      Are those WA plates I see? The background looks like the snoqualmie falls area........


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                        that is a sweet looking truck. do you get any trubbles with the base of the truck scuffin out on roads etc? or do you have some sort of gas lift suspension? just curious to know, cause thats lowered to the extreme.....

                        JL audio subs... good stuff!
                        Project - GAME OVER :(


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                          Screw the truck, I want the chick!
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                            Originally posted by lstrunk:
                            <STRONG>Screw the truck, I want the chick!
                            thats just the "car audio tech" adjusting the levels of the subs..... obviously they perform their jobs better naked from the waist down..... its a fact!
                            Project - GAME OVER :(


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                              yes im in wa i live in covition

                              thats pic at my shop ware i work on my truck

                              and yes the truck dos have ajustabale suspention (airide)

                              the falls are like 15 minits away
                              just draging by