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Need your opinion on a work related issue

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  • Need your opinion on a work related issue

    Ok I've seen some people do give great advice in this forum so I thought I'd ask

    Before I ask the question I want to give everyone a background of how I came to be where I am.

    About 2 years ago I graduted with an Electrical Engineering degree with high hopes of getting this cool job that I was going to enjoy doing a. Well needless to say I set myself up for disapointment; after a while of looking for jobs I couldnt find anything and had to settle for a maintenance position doing a job that doesn't really relate to what I want to do and that, of course, I dont enjoy doing at all.

    Well because I like the company I work for I waited until something better came up. About a month ago a position openned up it was not exactly waht I wanted but it paid better, so I explored my options interviewed and got it. but the day I accepted it another position within the company openned up. however this position fits me perfectly it pays less but it really doesn't matter I wanted it so I interviewed, they made me an offer and I automatically accepted (Not without contacting the other people and telling them about my intentions before accepting). Well now the, understandably so, are very upset and their reaction is making me feel guilty.

    What do u think? should have I stayed with the first job because I accepted the position first (take into account they ddint invest anything other than time)?

    or should I just go on forward and enjoy the job that I'd been waiting for?

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    My screwed up!...But we all do. Next time think before you act. The damage is done now...regardless, you should take whatever job you will enjoy most. You can't take a job based on guilt or based on a mistake you made. If it's a full time job you'll spend alot of time there, you want it to be the right job. Good luck, let us know what you decided., E-Cig Mods
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      Belive it or not, this is not so uncommon of an occurance. It happened to me and it's happened to a number of my friends. Each of these occured immediately after graduation from college... Send out tons of resume's, that's what happens, I guess.

      The problem is that companies require your acceptance within a couple days of an interview. If you've interviewed at a couple of places in the past week, you could get several acceptances during that time. It would be "proper" to say that you're waiting on an acceptance from a "Better" job, but that wouldn't go over too well.

      So, in the end you **** off one company and you look like an ***. I have no problem with that. Companies are out there to use you in order to make money. If I make a few of them stark raving mad, fine!

      In your case, you did it to the SAME COMPANY! That's not cool. You're employed there, and you applied for transfer to two spots. I guess what's done is done, but don't expect too many raises in the next couple of years - you're on someone's black list, for sure. Pick your best spot, work it for a few years, then reassess your situation.
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        whats done is done, do what you love and love what you do....


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          look if they get ****ty with you be like hey, this is what i want to do in life. What i will work harder than any position, because i enjoy doing it. I took a pay cut not because i desire less pay but i desire a job i like. So if you dont like it you can kiss my ***!
          They should be mad at you either way. Just explain that this job is less pay and fits your life style better. Sorry... would they want to be stuck in a ****ty job?
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