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    this is partially off topic,

    Im the website for the Compaq luggable website at which has loads of info on old these 1980s portable PCs.

    Just thinking, I like the form factor of the Compaq Portable III computer

    Id like to know if it would be possible to completely gut it and put a new computer in there. If you have seen those new Sony Viao desktop PCs you will understand how cool a small box with a TFT screen would look )

    I was wondering if a 10" or so TFT monitor and microatx motherboard and small power supply would be able to fit inside?

    heres an exploded diagram of what the PortIII looks like inside:


    anyone else think this would be a cool hack??

    I am not interested in overclocking or anything but if a TFT panel and small motherboard (with onboard video and sound card etc) just a modern computer stuffed inside this old 1980s clunker would be really sweet )

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    Definately a neat idea. Not sure if you'd be able to get a standard motherboard in there, but you could use an SBC like the Advantech ones. These can be found for cheap on E-Bay, and a big plus is that they include a controller for an LCD. Also, because they run entriely on +5V, you might be able to use the existing power supply in your portable unit.
    Have fun!


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      Ok - I'm definitely a geek... I actually think that piece of $#!T looks cool...

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        I have one of those guys in my basement, sitting beside one of the original IBM "portable PCs" (basically a desktop case with a 9" monochrome CRT beside 2 5.25" disk drives and a flip down keyboard).
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