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  • Dolby ProLogic Decoder.

    Hi All,

    In my town we are buildign a new community-centre specially for people between 15-30.

    A lot off different activities take place in this centre: sometimes a local band performs a live act, sometimes we watch a video, and most of the times music is played (from an mp3-computer.. hehehe)

    Because we are building a new centre we finnaly have the chance to put in all new equipment for audio and video.
    The base is going to be a computer which is capable of mp3 and dvd-playback.
    I want to figure out if we can add Dolby Surround to this setup.
    When I look at consumer electronics I have not found a Dolby Surround Amplifier that is powerfull enough for this centre.
    Because we still have got 2 really good Peavey amps and speakers we want to see if we can use them.

    So basically what I'm looking for is A dolby surround decoder, without the amps !! This way I will add my own amps which are much more powerfull, and capable of providing the whole room with enough sound.
    I know I need some more amps to amplify the other channels (LR, RR, Center and Sub) but that's no problem.

    I need something that can split the 2 incoming channels into 5.1 outgoing channels, so only the decoder.

    Does anybody know of such thing ?
    or do I have to buy some old Dolby Prologic Amplifier and see if I can 'hack' this into 6 line-level-outputs ?

    I really hope someone can help me, 'cause this 'thingy' is really going to decide what kind of audio setup we are going to use.. (and I want it to be dolby surround !.. )

    Thanks in Advance !

    Raas - The Netherlands
    ME: VIA epia m10000, lilliput 7', opus 150w, 80gb<br>
    GF: IBM Thinkpad 380, ext. 3.5 80gb, 40x4, PB-IR

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    As i see it, you have got three options

    Get a soundcard that provides you with 5.1 out put (i belive that most of them provide this solution not, and i know that Soundblaster has a verison). The only problem is which connectors is on the card or its aux output box (front thingy).

    You can buy a decoder only (it doesnt amplify) but it will take digital 5.1 and make it analog for the normal amps you have. I believe this is the cheapest and easiest solution to your problem

    or you can as you suggest buy a cheap 5.1 amplifier and use it to divide the signal for the remaining amps.

    i cant recommend any products or links since its been a while since i purchased my equipment and i stopped watching price / quality and preoduct reviews.


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      Thanks for the information DarkwingDuck,

      I had hoped there was ready in-the-box solution for this. (consumer electronics).

      Do you have a link of the decoder discussed by you ?.
      I had hoped that the decoder still has normal inputs which takes normal line-input (not dolby prologic) so that only the front-speakers and the subs are driven. This would be ideal when we've live-performances, and thus using the outputs of a mixing table:


      Maybe it just isn't possible, but I think this wouldn't be too hard...

      Otherwise I have to use the third option: 'Hack' an old ProLogic amp to get line level outputs.
      The thing with this is that I have to buy all new stuff otherwise the government (which actually pays everything) won't pay anything.. (They need receipt, and proof that it's new equipment.)

      Anyone ??

      Raas - The Netherlands
      ME: VIA epia m10000, lilliput 7', opus 150w, 80gb<br>
      GF: IBM Thinkpad 380, ext. 3.5 80gb, 40x4, PB-IR