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  • Help! Monitor problem

    I didn't where to post this question so I just post in "offtopic" section.

    Well My 21" Hitachi superScan pro21 (for my home computer) has strange problem.
    it gets out of fucus around the screen. I mean in the middle of the screen , it looks fine but as it goes to the far from center, it gets blur , I see red, blue colors around the icons and cursor.

    Is there anyway to fix this? or do I have to throw it away?

    Please help

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    Well, could be a couple of things. The most obvious would be to degauss the monitor. If you have speakers sitting next to it, move them. If that doesn't fix the problem you may have a bad fly-back. You'd be better off replacing the monitor if that's the case.

    I would recommend Team Excess for that.

    I bought my 21" Hitachi there for $230 plus shipping. Great prices.


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      Well I'm using dual monitors , I have two 21" hitachi monitors next to each other .
      Would this be the problem??? I'll try to remove one and see what happen.


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        Having two monitors next to each other can do that.. esp if they are cheap monitors..
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          nester can i ask where you got your nickname ?