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Wow.... DC now @ $50!

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  • Wow.... DC now @ $50!

    even though im in the uk, this is still good news.... i got a DC recently, and it can do quite a few thing apart from games (mp3, vcd, etc)..... but then theres always 4 player virtua tennis
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    are u serious ? is that like 50 US or sterling ? either way i dont think they have dropped that much here


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      I am serious... take a look at or cnet
      unfortunately, they are only being sold off in america, but they r going to go on sale on mid-december.

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        yeah, i work at Toys R Us and we sold out of them within the first 7hrs the store opened. We must have had around 50 or so. Its a good deal considering you can *cough* copy the games. I mean, get the games cheap too.
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          I know, it`s a shame it`s not getting any new games anymore, as it is a great system. Im certainly more happy with it than my friend is with his ps2... but then i also have a big pile of *cough* cheap games

          Also, i tried recently managed to power the DC from a atx dc-dc psu in the car, and use the vga box to output to my vga-tft!
          Works like a charm, but only with 60hz games. I spose you could say i have two computers in my car now

          One last thing, does anyone know of any good 4 player games apart from virtua tennis, chu chu, or powerstone?

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