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Got my car back!

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  • Got my car back!

    Late Friday afternoon (5:30 or so) I finally got my car back. After not having it for 3.5 weeks, it really is a change to drive a real car. As soon as I got the car, I picked up a friend and she and I went to the track where I ran a 14.211 (with passenger). Not bad at all.

    There are a few little issues though. There is an odd rattle at the back (speaker grill loose), and the hatch light is a little erratic. No big deal. I'll fix the speaker grill after it annoys me enough, and probably just disconnect the hatch light. The important thing is that body is as straight as it ever was, the handling was not changed, and I HAVE IT BACK! Tomorrow I'll go see The Fast And The Furious (couldn't stand to see it and drive away in a Kia) tomorrow, and hopefully have a little fun in the parking lot....

    The MP3 player has been reinstalled, and is working fine with it's new motherboard and CPU. I just have to adjust the mixer a little to get the audio sounding the way it should, but that's a minor detail.

    Now that I have my car back, it's time for that turbo...
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    Yeah.. I have some noise that i need to get taken care of. depending on the level of my annoyance...
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