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  • f**k school

    sorry, i just need to rant and get this out of my system. i would just like to say that school can suck my dick even though i only have 1 week left. f**k this piece of **** design to get knowledge into my smart wonderfully beautiful head. tests suck, homework sucks, and most of all my motivation sucks. on top of all that i think my car is going over the hill so to say...might be the end...and since im on a school budget i dont know what im gonna carputer crashes more now than before...what the f**k

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      know the feeling. i still have 6 papers and 2 care plans to do in the next two weeks. im sooo tired of college!!!

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        Ahhhhh... The warm, tingly feeling of exam time...

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          Nope, I already had exams, my school is on trimesters. We just switched classes last week. The down side is the 65 minute periods, and the teachers assign more homework.
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          Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
          In a 96 Grand Prix SE.


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            My school has a block schedueling system. I have 4 classes one day, 4 different the next...and so on.

            For some classes 90 minute periods are nice so you can actually get a project done in class (like in auto). However in others it gets really boring.

            Next year they are thinking about having 4 classes one semester, and just switching at the semester.


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              it is nice to be finished school finally. now, instead of having to work on homework in the evenings, i can spend it with the wife

              the thing i always hated about school was that even when you were not in school (evenings, weekends, breaks, etc) you were always still tied to it. you always had some paper due or some test to study for or something like that. it was like even though you were off for the weekend, you always had something hanging over your head that was due. and as soon as that was finished, it was just replaced with another assignment from another class.

              now when i finish work for the weekend, i am free until monday. rarely do i ever have work related issues to worry about at night or over the weekend.

              keep working hard. it does get better.


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                no, I could just hire assasins for all my teachers, and my school is so poor, once they pay for the pensions and stuff, they won't be able to higher new teachers.

                Thats what I hate about my school, we have no money for a tech department at all, yet we can afford to upgrade to win2000, and they tech director just bought a new 3000$ laptop
                Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
                Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
                In a 96 Grand Prix SE.


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                  I dont wanna rub salt in open wounds but I have a career now. I work 4 on 4 off. Days/nights. 2 weeks holidays per year. great health plan. All of the shift changes I can ask for....ahhhhhh I dont miss school 1 bit. Well maybe the girls. but that is it!


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                    65 Minutes?!, 90 Minutes?!?!? I've got a damn class from 5:00pm - 10:00pm. And another which is from 11:00am-2:30pm!!!

                    it's SOOOOOOO painful...

                    good thing it's almost over

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                      I'm with ya on saying **** school. Its time to pre-register for next semisters classes. While we were all waiting in line for about 2 hours, we were asked to fill out a survey on the drinking habbits of the student population. Mind you this is a "dry" school meanng were are not supposed to drink here.

                      Well when I finally got to the question that asked how many drinks I have in the course of a week; I had to leave them a little note saying that they need to make the answer area more than two digits if they want an accurate count. Mabey once they find out that about 70 percent of the student body are walking (staggering) drunks, they will change the course load a little bit.

                      On a final note, one of the better questions was "If you have been drinking, do you feel sexier?"
                      UPDATE: I moved farther north. Now its even too cold for the deer; only moose now


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                        thats a given!


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                          Yeah while school may sucks and all that I wish I was back in college at least I know what was going to come up day to day and be somewhat prepared for it works sucks crap and stupid co workers make it annoying I will take term papers over work anyday while I'm at it I will take works pay over no money anyday too oh well. Back to work

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