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How do i post Pic's

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  • How do i post Pic's

    pls help i wana post pics of the box ive tried 2 build
    but dont know how

    hehe ( im a Clasic Newbie) )
    If its 2 loud ur Old ,;-)

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    in order to post any pics in this board, the picture must be on an internet server.. not on your local machine.

    Once the picture is there, anyone can access that picture..
    To put a picture in the message you hit the button 'IMAGE' when posting. A dialog box shows up to specify the location of the picture. (this must be an internet server)
    For you this could be something like: ''

    Put the complete link in the dialog box and hit OK.. Now you see some 'strange' code in your message.. this is UBB-code

    Give it a try, and make sure the server where you put this picture accepts requests from other servers.. eg. A server of GeoCities does not accept them.. Instead of showing the picture in this board , the browser display that annoying red cross, meaning that the picture can not be extracted from the server...

    Does this all make sense ? hope so..
    Play around with it..
    Shouldn't be too hard !
    Good Luck,
    Raas - The Netherlands
    ME: VIA epia m10000, lilliput 7', opus 150w, 80gb<br>
    GF: IBM Thinkpad 380, ext. 3.5 80gb, 40x4, PB-IR