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    Originally posted by lstrunk:
    <STRONG>Curl up into the Fetal position and die.
    I have had a terrible day.
    I dropped SPanish Class at school because I wanted science instead, And The Spanish teacher and the principal both Got mad at me, Now I can't look neither in the eye.
    My home life is terrible, I can't waite until I get my license. I will never be home,
    I hate this place.
    I have ruined 5 lcds so far trying to solder them.
    My palmpilot quit working
    I could just go on and on</STRONG>
    Sorry to hear that, maybe you should quit while you are ahead??


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      Take it easy, bud... Give yourself a little distraction. Go do something you probably never or rarely do, like catch a movie or 2, grab your shorts and hit the local swimming pool or gym for an hour or two...

      Usually doing something a little physical helps. Don't go overboard and try to bench 300 Lbs on your 1st night at the gym or something.... Just try something distracting, safe, cheap and preferably physical...

      This is a prety stressful or hectic time of year anyway, so just toss the carputer stuff in the closet until after Christmas or until the New Year.... It'll wait... and so will we

      Hope my .02 helps


      BTW, I just read your website, and although you've had your share of snags along the way, (haven't we all...) you actually had some pretty good successes, so don't be too hard on yourself

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      BC ROCKS!!!


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        also ebay will be flooded after xmas


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          Originally posted by dos4who?:
          Usually doing something a little physical helps.
          I couldn't agree more. I had a similar situation this summer when I got fired from a job. They didn't give any indication it was coming, and they never told me why I was canned. I just walked into work that day for my shift and the manager told me I was a goner.

          I was of course upset and very ****ed off, and questioning everything I had done. So, after driving around town for half an hour, I finally decided to go for a long jog. I went for almost and hour and a half and when I got home, I felt much better.

          You'd be surprised what just pounding the pavement can do for ya. Good luck, mate.

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            Originally posted by lstrunk:
            <STRONG>Curl up into the Fetal position and die.
            May I join you???
            I have had quite a bad day too, I just trashed my celery 400, complete with HD, CD, 128megs of ram, 8mag Graphics card, SCSI card, network card, sound card, AND my new DC-DC power supply that all of you have been telling me not to use..


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              Whether going to get your bachelor's or associate's degree, the college should be able to teach you a programming language within the first couple of semesters when you arrive. Don't sweat it, with that one elective (or mandatory) course, you'll be on your way to programming - probably starting out with C++.

              Heck, when I went, my first classes were for Pascal (ugh), then Ansi-C, and finally C++. Don't let that obstacle stand in the way - talk to the college's counselor and ask him about programming classes they offer.


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                lstrunk: your college woes sound the same as mine. my freshman year i was in Computer Science but i struggled so bad with programming that i changed my major to Computer Engineering. CE is more technical and even though it does a minimal amount of programming, at least its not 100% programming. You might want to consider Computer Engineering an option. I know there arent a lot of schools out there that offer it. Only 8 schools here in Illinois do.
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                  I know exactly how you feel. My life for the last 21 years has always been 1 step forward and 10 steps back. No matter what I do, it blows up in my face (sometimes literally ). This is true with computers, relationships, cars...basically everything I do.

                  The way I deal with it is threefold:
                  1. I don't care. It's easier said than done, but it does work. If you don't care, it's really difficult for something to bother you.
                  2. Sarcasm and humour. Inappropriate humour is a great release, but can serve to alienate you from most of society. But since you are using Method #1, that doesn't really matter.
                  3. Target sports. Archery, sport rifle, laser tag, etc. Need I say more?
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                    I know what you are going through....

                    Last night I found out that my girlfriend has been cheating on me, so I went to see a friend for someone to talk to and vent a little bit. She promptly told me to **** off which sent me even lower. So I ended up going on a bender last night which caused me to miss an exam this morning.

                    life is just peachy, dont you think?
                    UPDATE: I moved farther north. Now its even too cold for the deer; only moose now


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                      Originally posted by lstrunk:
                      <STRONG>Actually Guys, I work-out every other day.
                      I'm not some little weany.
                      I'm 6'4", 180lbs, I generally Bench 120 (I can do my weight, but only a few times), but I do 50 revolutions, then do 25 Flys, 100 Rows, 40 Curls, 75 Lat pull downs, etc, then I do it all again. I usually keep my heart above 180 for 6-8 minutes before that on a Elleptical Nordic Trak.
                      I just get like this when I am frustrated. I really need to work on it, I've gotten so Stressed I've punched holes through my wall.
                      I really want to go to college for Computer Science, But I've tried to teach myself Programming, And I just can't comprehend it.
                      And I have a bad memory Problem, that really affects me in math, I can't remember stuff like formulas etc. from one day to the other.</STRONG>
                      Well, I'm kinda the opposite.. exept for the memory thing..
                      I weigh about 44kgs and quite short, and why on earth an I telling you this???

                      I just wasted a lot of money I suppose, and am TRYING to take my mind off of it...