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What I did with my audigy and xenarc today

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  • What I did with my audigy and xenarc today

    I got bored so i have my van pc doing nothing ATM so i figured why not play around with my dj equiptment for a while
    than i thought why not use my touchscreen
    then the sound sucked so i said why not use the audigy i got for xmas

    and i came up with this

    its kinda cool but i would need to browse songs via contour shuttle and almost all the software out there sucks for touch screens. there are like 5 or 6 touch screen programs for linux on source forge but even those are coded in c++ i wish there was a vb opensource touch friendly
    or even just a touch friendly dj software

    its real simple what i want really its just pitch of the song and output one audio
    stream to the font speakers left and right one stream to the rear speakers left and right the other cue audio thru the on board sound
    play pause and cue

    i wish i knew more coding

    anyone else do any cool alternative things with thier screens etc?
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