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  • CD Copy Protection

    CD companies are now buggering around with the encryption on audio CD's. It means that we won't be able to "rip" them into mp3 files for personal use or make burnt CD's from them for our cars etc. Basically if all goes ahead we won't be able play them on our PC's, Playstations, or other gear that isn't a bog standard CD player without loss of quality.

    Check this out,


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    except no oen buys them, and then when ppl find out trhey cant play them in their computer, they complain untill the record company gives in and replaces it witha normal version.

    they've allready released a couple of cds liek this i think the latest one was antile imbruglia (or what ever her name is) then they had to replace most of them.

    its doesnt seem to be working, and if worst comes to worst put digital input from cd player to computer and record.


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      i had received one of those supposedly protected cds in the mail from a record company (darn it is great to be a dj free promo stuff). and it took a few minutes and a bit of creativity before i realized how to copy it using my burner...however it was kind of annoying that i could not just "pop it in the cd player" of my computer...

      with the technolgy available to the public there is almost nothing that is copy protected if u have time, a little knowledge and some creativity.

      Sega thought we could not copy their dreamcast format, sony thought that PS2 games were safe, DVDs even thought they were covered, all of which have been copied easily.