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Why do 2 same speakers don't sound the same ??

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  • Why do 2 same speakers don't sound the same ??


    Maybe this is a very dull question, but,

    Why do 2 speakers, from the same set (same box, brand, make, characteristics) do not sound the same ??

    I have noticed this on several speakers, from really cheap to more expensive speakers (hey, i don't own $1000 speakers)
    And many times one of the 2 sounds just a little clearer.. a bit more 'highs', and the other is more 'damped' ???

    Anyone ??

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    Could be a lot of things. Actual variation in the manufacture of the speaker itself, slight wiring differences (different cable lengths, connections, etc.), tolerances of the components in the crossover, etc.
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      is one of your ears better than the other? heh, :P
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        just crank it up louder!!!! the difference will fade away!!!
        Project - GAME OVER :(