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Look at this crazy computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Look at this crazy computer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All this mount in a 1/8th scale model car !!!

    The PC specs for the technically minded.

    Motherboard ABIT KT7A-RAID

    AMD Duron 600Mhz @ 910Mhz (140x6.5 / 1.8v)
    Memory 256MB (2x 128MB) Kingmax PC150 SDRAM
    Video ASUS V7100AGP Geforce2 MX 32MB
    Sound Soundblaster PCI 128 (mounted in riser at 90 degrees)
    15w Internal powered speakers with Headphone socket

    Storage Seagate Barracuda II 20GB 7200RPM ATA100
    (Internal speakers can be removed to mount second HDD)
    External I/O Custom mounted brackets and extensions VGA Out
    S-Video Out
    2x USB (+2 USB on KB)

    Power Supply 145w Micro ATX, modified with cutaway housing and 4900RPM 80mm Sunon Fan
    Cooling ThermoEngine with 60mm 4500RPM YS-Tech Fan
    Remote Control Just Cooler Keychain and reciever with remote Power and Reset controls
    Operating System Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP2 RRAS for Dial-in and Shared Internet at LAN's
    DHCP, WINS and DNS
    IIS Web Services

    Keyboard/Mouse Microsoft Natural Pro USB
    Microsoft Wheelmouse Optical USB

    Modem Netcomm Roadster 56k USB

    web page

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    Man, somebody must have been bored
    It's cool thou


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      wow, he puts us to shame! even though he had to use an entire car to do it, heh. Now thats the true meaning of a Car PC!!!! :P
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        Man that cracks me up...what an imagination to come up with that Idea!
        current projects


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          It's kinda big...! :-)

          Old Systems retired due to new car
          New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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            I kinda like this one


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              That GTR PC is awsome. I wonder about his remote power / reset device...looks interesting, i wonder if it could be used in our aplications at all?
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