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best way to ask for a raise?

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  • best way to ask for a raise?

    so ive been making the same amount of money for about 9 months now and i think its about damn time for a raise.

    any tips on buttering up the boss to ask for a $6k a year raise?


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    I've always found that the best approach is to request a performance appraisal. If you get a good review, then you have a strong case for getting a raise.
    Good performance should get you more money, but if you're looking for a substantial raise then start looking for projects to take on. At least in my industry (banking), project work is where all the money is right now. It's tough because you get stuck with a bunch of work on top of the work that usually goes with your job, but they are good at rewarding people.


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      Wow! Good topic to bring up. I'm in that position, too... No raise for, well, 9 months, and need more cash-o-la.

      A buddy of mine (manager at the same company) told me to ask for a raise before you take on a big (or hi-visibility) project. There's really no sense in asking after you've completed it, because your managers don't need you any more...
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        6k a year raise? I barely make 6k a year =P might take some pretty drastic action. Sexual favors or putting out a mob hit might be the only way ;P (j/k hehe)


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          I'm in the same boat. Looking to ask for a 4K - 5K raise. Works out to be about 2-3 extra dollars an hour. I've been waiting to see if I will be given one, instead of asking. I've increased sales at my job by 20%. They were stuck at 8,500 AWS for two years, now it is 10,500K AWSand still growing.

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