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Horrible Pics From the Car Installation Profession

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  • Horrible Pics From the Car Installation Profession

    I have been doing car electronics isntallation for a long time now, and I can't believe the audacity some people have in regard to the condition of their vehicles when they bring them in to have work performed. There have been times when I almost gagged--I have seen dirty underwear (with skidmarks), ancient food, live roaches (yes, the insect) and other things that I would really prefer not to have seen. Here are some real pictures from my job that I took with our shop Polaroid.

    Mid 90s Mercury Villager, RF CD changer installation
    Click image for larger version

Name:	skankvanfront.jpg
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    The back seat, complete with child seat. Notice the area under the front seat that they were nice enough to clean so I could work there.
    Click image for larger version

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    Another good one.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	skankrodeo2.jpg
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    The moral behind all this is probably obvious to most people, but please, please, please CLEAN YOUR CAR BEFORE YOU BRING IT IN!
    All right, my rant is over for now, but I may have more later...

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      dude how the hell can you work with all that **** in there? you should refuse service to a car like that if its that dirty. honestly i dont see how you can work with all that.
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        I wish it was always that easy. Dealing with people in general is far worse.


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          but dude seriously. when i work on my boys car i start yelling at him if he has his school books or gym shoes in the trunk or back seat. the car has to be completely empty when i work so its easier that way. thats not only unhealthy but it doesnt promote for the best job you can possibly do.
          i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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            When I worked at the Chrysler dealer, I received a work order for a mid 90's mini-van with a steering complaint.
            So, I grab the keys, find the truck and hop in for a road test.
            About 2 minutes into my drive, I am greeted by the most horrible smell my nostrils ever had to endure. It was a hot summer day, about 90-92 and humid.
            As I continue driving, the smell is gagging me to the point I couldn't breathe.
            So, as I am looking around for the source, I look down between the front and rear seats, and there was my problem.....a fresh steaming pile of puke. WTF??? man, I could not drive fast enough back to the shop.
            I jumped out of the van, tossed the keys to my service mamager and told him to tell the customer to not come back. He asked why, and I showed him. Needless to say, we never saw that truck, or customer again.


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              ****, I would 100x the normal charge if I have to do it (be my own boss). Seriously, I wouldn't touch the darm car if I have to dig out the mess to do the job.
              Did you ever get complain about missing paper or this thing and that thing isn't suppose to be over here or over there???

              ****, I made my friend vacuum/clean his PC before I grap a screw driver to open the case to look inside his PC.
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                Blooming heck... cant say more but a certain Aircraft company has simular stories but 100 times worse - Lets just say totaly discusting - and I would NEVER fly certain airlines.....

                Just to give you a hint rember these things have 2 skins

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                  LOL - thats how most cars look - and a lot of houses now days

                  I had hope it was pics of crappy installs

                  but yea it needs to be clean before I install or work on something
                  - sh_tty underware yuck I would have charged them more

                  I did find dirty socks inside a computer once - dead rats, mice
                  roaches "both kinds" one time a bad of weed , and once a crack
                  pipe still have it - it was in a old computer that we got from a shop
                  that closed down, keep it just for laughs

                  I have herd bad stuff from tattoo shops -


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                    .......Dirrty & NASTY *** people!


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                      Originally posted by will1384
                      I had hope it was pics of crappy installs
                      Hey that would be an interesting way of wasting some free time You should start a thread on that if its not already on here. I remember seeing some install pictures which the user made a subwoffer tube from a tree trunk and multiple gage wire segmentes patched together to make 1 wire....


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                        Now that you guys have given me the idea, I think I'll work on it. Give me a while...


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                          I am going to sue you for posting pics of my car, and mocking me.
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                            wow, if the company had enough customers to filter the sickeningly dirty ones, those companies should. Have some respect, my mom cleans the house to let electricians in! and they dirty the house with their boots anyway! *not all of them**


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                              thats not as bad as my mom. she cleans the house before she hires a cleaning lady service.
                              i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!