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  • home speaker question

    who makes the clear dome speakers that you can only hear when standing under the speaker? Some music stores have these rather than headphones for music sampling.... I'd love to find a website with info and pricing.....

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    Does anyone know what I'm talking about?


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      Originally posted by mp3pc:
      <STRONG>Does anyone know what I'm talking about?</STRONG>
      ask maxwell smart where he got the cone of silence......

      bad joke i know!
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        Im not exactly sure what you are talking about...but I do side jobs for home and car stereo stores. Do you have a link to an example...I can ask around once I know what you are talking about.
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          ask maxwell smart where he got the cone of silence......
          Hehe... Don't use the cone of silence, it never really worked...

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              I have no link, thats what I was hoping to find. I had seen it on tv before as well its COOL! I want it for over my PC in my office. THe sound that comes out of this thing is great.... I dont even know where to start looking online for this thing with no name....


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                guess what found it by doing search of clear dome speaker! Who would have guessed!

                web page


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                  Yea we have those here at some music stores. They are pretty cool. But I doubt they would work with the music I listen to (LOUD and tons of BASS)!!! But hey, try to make one of your own. Find one of those domed sound amplifiers like you see at football games, hang a speaker facing up inside of it, hang it up and run the wires. It's got to be cheaper than buying one outright.

                  Just my 3.48 cents (damn inflation!)
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                    It would be great for late night death matches... and depending on the price of buying / building it would be perfect for my basement lan party setup!