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  • Just a reminder

    Remember to get in line early for Fellowship of the Ring tonight!

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    Or find someone to get in line for ya.
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      Damn that was a kickass movie.


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        It sure was!!!! one of the best Fantasy movies ever made IMO.

        I haven't read the books yet (didn't want to ruin the movie for myself)... however, a lot of people told me, that they followed the books almost exactly! I can't wait for the next 2 to come out!

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          just saw it, i gotta say it was pretty damn good and fairly true to the book (read it yourself, read it twice).

          Music was great and story left out only what seemed was kinda pointless anyways.

          Effects and settings where F* Great. I think i'll find a cozy hole in NZ to retire to.

          Couple things i didn't like.

          -Spoilers, sorta -

          To much fighting. Seems like they really capitalized on the on the fact that the movie could contain gratuitus (SP) violence. so every fight must? its an adventure not a war(Braveheart) movie. Unfortunately that is what sells movies.

          Intro. the history of the ring bit at the beggining was much alike to the one that was done for the cartoon version back in the '70s. Actually i think they even duplicated some shoots. Also i don't think they really need that bit, why dont they introduce the history as Frodo discovers it.

          All the sections they created to explain Saruman. Having read the book i think they could have been done without, but i suppose they serve a point.

          Seeing the Sauron and the eye. It looks damn cool but he was never really represented in the book with any form, and i think that that added to the fear.

          Borimirs Horn. Wussy horn noise. In pretty sure it was never described as "TooT, TooT"

          All the same certainly a great movie and i will be seeing it again.
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            I was so ****ed off when if ended and I realized that I have to wait 2 more years for the end of this sucker. I'll be wearing a stupid looking grin around for a good while after that one. As soon as my butt recovers from it's numbness, I'm going back for another dose.


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              So, it wa good?? I haven't seen it yet, it hasn't come out here yet, But some of my friends and I are going to see it as soon as it comes out (boxing day)


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                well, I just saw the MOOVIE, it was good.. Now I only have to wait 2 more years.. :P


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                  Actually you only got to wait 1 more year. Then 1 year after that for the third movie. All the shooting for the movies is done, they just have to do the post production work. However they both both scedueled to come out this time of the year for the next 2 years.

                  I loved the movie, and can't wait for the next one to come out.


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                    so, in other words I have to wait 2 more years to see the end of the movie..


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                      I just reread some of that, and yeah. I was really tird last night when I read the post and replied. My brain wasn't quite working.

                      Yeah, anyway, The original Star Wars movies are going down as being the best trilogy ever.


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                        So, if they made 3 of them, why did the first one have to be over 3 hours long?
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                          Originally posted by wizardPC:
                          <STRONG>So, if they made 3 of them, why did the first one have to be over 3 hours long?</STRONG>
                          well, it wasn't actually, it was less than 3, more like 2hours and 55minutes, I think, maybe slightly longer...


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                            I saw this last monday.
                            That was one hell of a show,
                            but it seemed to drag on for a while.
                            A few things I didn't like was that the 2 humans where hard to keep track of who was who, and the elf was queer.
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                              Originally posted by SkinnyBoy:

                              well, it wasn't actually, it was less than 3, more like 2hours and 55minutes, I think, maybe slightly longer... </STRONG>
                              our movies are in pal, well this probably has no difference in theator, but for dvds and stuff ours are 4% shorter because of slightly more frames per sec.

                              so maby theres was over 3 hours smart ***