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  • since everyone else is...

    i figured i would post a pic of my 24th birthday present. how many guys have a wife who will buy them one of these for their birthdays? now how am i gonna mount an mp3 player to this? any ideas?

    sorry for the sorta crappy quality, but at least its up there.


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    Nice wife you have,dude! To my 22 birthay my gf bought me KTM-400...leaves your Harley far away behind
    Enjoint life!


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      Very cool. No, I don't have a wife that will buy me something like that, and god willing, I never will.
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        Hmm girlfriends and wife buying boyfriends and husband motorcycles. Why haven't I meet someone like this.

        also becareful it could be a sign that your wife or gf wants to get rid of you and hopes that you will die in a motorcycle accident

        Nice bike ride it safe and have tons of fun.

        my $0.02 cents (value is based on the intelligence of the person reading this message)


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          Well,I don't know about jstrain's wife's reasons but my gf hoped it would be her present for the wedding,but she still wait me to propose her...and will wait for a long time
          Enjoint life!


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            Is that a scanned picture? If so, someone needs to learn how to use a scanner right and crop =)
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              Sweet ride, Jeremy - You're a very lucky man!

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                are u married ?
                if yes, devorce her and send her to me

                if not, have fun with your bike and still send her to me
                time for the sig:

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                  Originally posted by crazyshaxs:
                  <STRONG>Is that a scanned picture? If so, someone needs to learn how to use a scanner right and crop =)
                  no it is not scanned. it was a ditigal camera, but the pic was way too big to post so i sized it down, but the only image program i had to work with was microsoft imaging. i don't think it even has a cropping feature in it.



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                    Originally posted by Dima:
                    <STRONG>Nice wife you have,dude! To my 22 birthay my gf bought me KTM-400...leaves your Harley far away behind </STRONG>
                    wish it was a harley. it is actually a honda, but the picture is so fuzzy, you can't tell. it is a shadow sabre 1100. my wife is now riding the shadow 600 we have.

                    wish it was a harley, but they are so expensive. most motorcyclists equate buying a harley over a japanese cruiser to buying an empeg over a homebuilt setup. the empeg (harley) looks nice, but the homebuilt (japanese cruiser) outperforms it for alot less money. of course i love my empeg, and i certainly want to get a harley someday so...


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                      I've ridden now for 15 years street, and the whole Harley mystique just baffles me. When you buy a Harley, you are buying into a product that is 30 years behind the design curve of any other motorcycle manufacturer, generates less HP per size motor, less reliably than any motorcycle manufacturer, at a cost that just is silly. Sorry to say it, but for the average Harley owner, they are buying into an image, NOT a genuine interest in the sport. For the cost a Harley fetches, you could buy any BMW motorcycle which will out-perform, out-handle, and out-last any Harley on the market.

                      Hey, and guess what, that Honda of yours, is every bit 'made in America' that a Harley is. Thats right, Honda manufactures major components and assembles the Shadow series in Ohio. So you can tell that Harley 'buy american' wanker crowd, you DO ride an american motorcycle. If you get lip, point out the carburetor's or fuel injectors on the Harley. They'll say either Mikuni, or Bosch

                      Originally posted by jstrain:

                      wish it was a harley. it is actually a honda, but the picture is so fuzzy, you can't tell. it is a shadow sabre 1100. my wife is now riding the shadow 600 we have.
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                        i always used to think that harley was the coolest bike ever made. then when i started hanging out on bike sites and boards, i got the real scoop on harleys. that is why i bought a honda. a great looking bike, performs well, reliable as anything, all minus the vaseline tax. that was my whole point with the empeg (which i do think was worth the money but that is a different story) vs the homebuilt player.

                        i still would like to own a harley someday though. however, i now realize that harley is a cool bike, but there are many others that are worth riding. before i started riding, i had the impression that harley was all that was worth riding. now i know that while i still like harleys, there is a plethora of other great bikes out there that are just as good or many times better than a hog.

                        i do think you are right that alot (predominantly the newer owners) of harley riders are into it for the image. i guess i had that fixation before i started riding, but now i realize just how much fun it is no matter what you are riding. my wife and i were looking at a year old sportster for ~ $8900. i am soooo happy we went with the honda instead.

                        thanks for your insight. it is always great to hear from other riders.



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                          Has anyone seen the new Harely VRod... this is the newest model... looks really good, and has a more powerful engine, of course I am sure the price tag is hefty. But it's still nice to look at
                          Try this link:
                          [ ZqskEkxdHA3NkP6r8Had5GSzzKgYQPoFCG2HCxMQ2NjJKozOg2 6Z1p6PVpsTmfTc3|4045250903110956 967/181208362/5/7001/7001/443/443/-1&bmLocale=en_US&family=VRSC]

                          (don't use the [] )

                          The URL tag won't display it right, maybe the link's too big, but I don't know if it will work if you haven't browsed to it already.

                          So if that doesn't fly, goto and click through to the 2002 models, its under VRSC. (the "family name" such as softail or easy rider)

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                          Josh Karger
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