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    Hey, sorry for another post! I installed the harddrive succesfully, and used MAXBLAST to copy the original hard drive. Unfortuantely MAAXBLASt did not copy the boot sector of the original drive to the new drive, so I cannot boot from the new drive. I can see the new drive in Mycomputer if I boot from the old drive. How can I transfer the boot sector from the old drive to the new drive?

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    boot from a windows startup disk (or a boot disk with fdisk on it), and issue the command

    fdisk /MBR

    that should fix it.
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      ADEDDENDUM: Maxblast did put a bootsector on... it was the bootsector for a Win98 startup disk (to install that OS) I'm srunning Win2k though. So i'm not sure if fdsk /mbr will just keepthe hd with the win98 bootdisk


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          yes, this is a prime candidate for ghosting.

          I dont know if you have access to Norton Ghost, but it kicks. Every time I install a new OS, I make a ghost and put it on CD, so when I have to reinstall, it takes 15 minutes instead of 2 days for me to get everything set up how I like it
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            I will third the opinion of using Ghost. It is an excellant program. I use it several times a week, and have always had great success.
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              If ya dont like ghost (ive never used it so i dont know much about it) BootIt seems like it will do the same thing. It finds OS's on all you HD's and gives you option of which to boot.

              Have you tried taking out/disabling your old HD yet and making sure your new one is the C: according to your bios? Then boot it up and see if it takes over. Simple solution is to go with one of those programs above though.
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