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  • My anoyance...

    Okay this is in the Off Topic section, but sadly it really is 'the topic' at the moment. Yes it is about this Skinnyboy, its late, I'm tired, and I feel the need to vent.....

    I know this is against forum policy and sorry for that Aaron and others, but I have been on this BBS for sometime and feel that I have made quite a few friends in that time so I dont feel that I will have too many members going against what I have to say on the matter.

    ... so anyway, what can we do about this situation? The constant useless posting, the arguments with other ppl, the complaints, the attitude, the absurd post count for such a shot period, etc, etc - and now I see we have a new user, 'Skinnyboys back' since someone got their account frozen.

    I fear there is not much we can do at all... which is a shame since I like many others love for the great resource that it is, the ability to bounce ideas around in an open way and get some feedback, rave on about your latest addition or achivement made on your systems or 'hey guys, just designed a new circuit that I thought I would share', etc, etc.... you get the idea.

    Also after putting together a website of my system like many others have I always love the feedback I get, for the most part totally positive which is great.

    Also as a few of you know after just starting in an attempt to get Australian/NZ members together the feedback from there has been excellent too. It just shows that has served its purpose well to bring together on the internet a group of people world wide who share an interest/hobby and get them talking about what they love. It doesnt get any better than that.

    But, as they say in the classics it only takes one bad apple to upset the cart and I hate to say it, but that bad Apple is 'Skinnyboy'. I am actaully surprised that he gets off as lightly as he does, many of you know from early internet/dial-up BBS days the electronic/computer world can be a very inforgiving place...... people often assume an attitude that is radically different to the one they take on in real life and they use that to their full advantage when required. Maybe people here at are just 'nicer', or they bite their tounge a little more often, etc....

    But I think you can only be unforgiving for so long. Skinnyboy's actions are ruining one of the 'places' that I like by clogging up what should be a resource base with useless postings, getting people into flame-wars and off the REAL topic at hand and in general just sucking the fun out of - and MY hobby.

    As I said, I fear there is nothing you can really do. There is IP blocking, entry to forums by referal (warez style!), etc, but its like making a computer system 'hacker-proof' it doesnt exist!

    Well I have no more to say at the moment. I may come off sounding like a fool, really soppy-like and will most likely regret posting this in the next few days - oh well! But this is how I feel about the matter. Like most of you here this is one of my hobbies, I enjoy doing it and would hate to have it tarnished by some immature know it all who has unleased himself on the parents computer and internet account just a little bit tooooo often....

    if you read this skinnyboy (and im sure you will - and follow it up with further comebacks to support my case) take a step back and try to think of the bigger picture here......

    ...remember that when you break it all down and cut the crap we are just a bunch of guys 'n gals who share a common interest and wish to enjoy it collectively. Its all about being part of 'community'.

    thanks for your time guys, sorry if I just robbed three minutes of your life that you will never get back!
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    Magnetik well said mate.
    I share your feelings 100%.
    What drives me nuts is that in this past two years of the existance of this BB we never had anyone like this... and its getting on lot of people's nerves.

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      Well, I agree with this. Don't know what more to add, except that I was not the one that banned SkinnyBoy, and I don't know who was. I did give him some warnings and explained that breaking the rules would result in a 2 week post-lockout though.

      I think the major issue here is that some people are just too younge to remember the modem-BBS days. They never really defined a sense of netiquette. And it seems that they are either unwilling, or unable to pick it up themselves. Does anyone know an online "guide to netiquette"?
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        Word up.

        I haven't said anything about Skinny in his last days on the forum just because I didn't want to throw oil on the fire, But....

        I have to say magnetik is ABSOLUTELY right., I once thought this was a great place (and it absolutely is) but the last week has been ruining the fun I get off this BB.

        I was checking this BB more than 5 times a day from the day I registered.. (not in the weekends though)

        But the last week.. boy... It maybe was something like 4 times I checked the board. just because.. well you all know about it. SkinnyBoy.

        That's all i have to say about it..
        one off the best places on the internet is going to be ruined if this behaviour proceeds.

        That's just my 2 EURO-cents.
        Greetz, and enjoy your weekends !
        I hope, when I get back monday things have changed.
        Good Luck !
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          It seems as though many people are really worked up about Skinnyboy's actions of late. I'd like to make it known that aside from one person, he hasn't really hurt anyone. Sure, he has criticised and such, but everyone on this board knows how much his opinion is worth, so don't take it personally.
          Skinny definately went too far by bringing his dirty laundry into the open forum before discussing it off-line. That was absolutely worth a kick, and if anyone does it again, similar action should be taken.
          However, Skinny has proclaimed to be "enlightened" and I think we should give him another shot. Sure, he's quite extreme, but shares the same passion for computers that everyone on this board does.

          My point is that the precedent has been set, the rules are out there. Until someone else goes off the deep end, lets drop the subject and relax.

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            I suppose I should say something..
            The reason I was posting so much was becasue I liked to help people, although sometimes what I said wasn't very helpful.. I will be less helpful in the future, or something like that.. :P is my old skinnyboy account unblocked?? anyone know?? :P
            Yeah, so, I got blocked, I like the ability to be able to log in.. I will reduce my posting over the next week or so, as long as my old account gets reactivated... Okay... :)


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              Hey has anybody seen a show on the television where if the majority of the people on the island decide that one person,is like screwing up and not pulling their weight,that they can be voted off of the island.......GEEZZZZZ I wonder if we voted if [HE] would hear.


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                Originally posted by magnetik:
                <STRONG>I am actaully surprised that he gets off as lightly as he does, many of you know from early internet/dial-up BBS days the electronic/computer world can be a very inforgiving place...... people often assume an attitude that is radically different to the one they take on in real life and they use that to their full advantage when required. Maybe people here at are just 'nicer', or they bite their tounge a little more often, etc....
                The reason I don't respond any more is that he seems to behave like a little kid - he loves the attention. Ergo, don't give him the satisfaction. Perhaps if we ignore him he'll get bored and go away.


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                  as i have said before, lets just forget this. We dont need to organize a torch light parade and kick him off our BB. I mean come on, if the kid is being obnoxious, ignore him, but sometimes he does have something useful to say! (Wasnt he the one who posted that nice character LCD install thread?)
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                    Netiquette Anyone??!!

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