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  • What's your dream car?

    With all this discussion of new cars, what would you buy with unlimited finances? And why?

    I'll start...

    When I was perhaps 10 years old (so 1990 or so) I was in teh car with my dad as we drove by a gas station. Sitting at one of the pumps was the most amazing piece of automotive sculpture I had ever seen; the DeLorean. I asked my dad what it was, and he said something like "Oh, that's a DeLorean" and then went on about how crappy they were and how John DeLorean was a cocain addict, etc. But I was intregued (even though I can' spell it).

    The car sort of lived in the back of my mind for 8 years or so, until I was walking my neighbours dog. About a block from my house the dog pulled me into a driveway full of junk. Low and behold, what did I see under half a car cover but the shine of brushed stainless steel! I owe that dog a lot, because she reminded me of just how incredible those cars are. That was it, I was hooked. The car had been sitting for a LONG time, and was in terrible shape. So, I did a little abusing of power. Since my dad is a police officer, I had him look up all relevant info on the car (it had a license plate). It hadn't been registered in 10 years, and has been sitting in the driveway for that long. Long story short, the owner of the car is a wacko and to this day refuses to sell it to me. Apparently, he'd rather let it rot (figuativly speaking of course, the stainless steel body is eternal) in his driveway.

    It's funny though, no one seems to respect the DeLorean. Every time I mention it, they say that it's slow, or unreliable, or that the creator was a cocain addict. Now, the car is not fast, but it's not slow either. And they are about as reliable as any other 20 year old car. And for the record, having met John DeLorean for dinner last June, he is not a cocain addict.

    Anyway, so that's my dream car, the '82 DeLorean. They are not as hard to find as most seem to think, and if I had an extra $20K US there would be one in my driveway right now. I am planning to purchase one in the next 5 years, and make it a project car. To cure the power problem, I will swap in the Mazda 20B 3 rotor engine with a T-78 turbo. A combination that is good for 600 reliable horsepower. Of course, the car will get an MP3 player, hence the license plate MP3DMC...
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    mine is probably a 1000hp nissan skyline.... yes it is possible, it just needs a lot of engine mods should be good for 250 mph
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      Oh, it would def. be a 1964 Falcon Sprint Convertible. I have a 64 hardto pFutura model, but those orignal v-8 convertibles are nice! Here are some pics of a 64 convertible:


      Now, is that a nice car or what? Mine probally would not be white though.
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        you're asking me to pick A dream car? i don't think i could even begin to narrow it down to 1 car. hmmm...

        first generation camaros, jaguar e types, jaguar xk120, ac cobras, any old ferrari, aston martin db7, austin healy, 70 hemi cuda, 66 chevelle, 3 window 30's ford, monster miata, zl1 corvette, 57 vette, 62 vette, ferrari f40 and f50, 70 superbird w/ 426 hemi and 2 4bbl carbs...

        this dosen't even start with stuff like the mcclaren F1, lamborghini, old porsches (really don't like the newest model 911 or boxster). what about a classic old rolls.

        there are just so many gorgeous cars out there, i can't even pick just a few. as to why i would buy them? i just think so many of those cars are such beautiful designs. especially stuff like old ferraris, the rolls, the jag xke and xk 120. the muscle cars are not so much beautiful as just plain bad. i just have this love affair with cars.

        any thoughts on these picks?



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          Well it is easy for me! This exact Dodge Viper or the '96-'98 Dodge Viper Coupe. Ever since I was lucky enough to be stuck behind one in traffic, I fell in love with it. I acually followed it for 10 miles before he lost me on the highway.
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            Like jstrain can you have just one dream car (that changes every week)?? There are just too many categories to give just one answer. So instead I will give you my current "want" as of last weekend's offroading events. I ran acrross this truck a while ago and am still totally infatuated with it. The guy bought it for 5 grand and put in 17g's into it. Pretty badass ride for 22 grand. Thing goes up and down!! If i was stuck in traffic i could just jack myself up and see what's goin on...and then drive over everyone...Screw a Hummer..Check this out...


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              Heh heh, a Viper GTS - nah - THIS - is what I'm going for
              Nothing yet.....


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                a 1963 Chevy II that runs 8's



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                  My dream car?
                  well it would be one of the following.

                  Nissan R33 GTR Skyline.

                  AC (shelby) Cobra, with an injected 427ci

                  XY GTHO Phase III (aussie muscle car of the millinium (who is gunna argue?)

                  or better yet, one of each thanks santa.
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                    The dream car... Good old Z. 260Z to be more exact. I wouldnt mind 240 either its heaps faster but doesnt look as good as 260.
                    They pretty cheap now days i can get one in alright condition for around AU$1000 but parts are hard to find and somtimes the only way to get them is from states.
                    After i get my house im planning on getting one of those as a project car and fully rebuild it...
                    Unfortunatly we dont get any DeLoreans down here in Australia but man i wouldnt mind driving one of those, specially with back-to-the-Future body kit

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                      My dream car:

                      I'd prefer it in black, but this'll do.


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                        78 VW superbeatle. not only could they drive, but they could float. i once saw a guy drive his (slightly modded) beatle off the peer in long beach. now that is kewl.
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                          Originally posted by Maveric:
                          <STRONG>Well it is easy for me! This exact Dodge Viper or the '96-'98 Dodge Viper Coupe. Ever since I was lucky enough to be stuck behind one in traffic, I fell in love with it. I acually followed it for 10 miles before he lost me on the highway. </STRONG>

                          i got a chance to drive a viper once. this was when they were just a year or so old. no coupes, just the canvas roofs, sidepipes, removable windows, etc. i was only 16 at the time, so it was definitely cool. unfortunately, i never got out of second gear since i only drove it around town.

                          my dad took it out on the blue route here in southeastern pa. he had it at 120mph in third gear, leaving 3 more forward gears to go.

                          unbelievabley, the guy that lent it to my dad for the day let someone else use it a few months later. he totaled it.

                          i also got a chance to drive a 98 porsche 911 and some 80's ferrari. both nice cars, but nothing beats that viper. the only thing that comes close to it for raw acceleration that i have ever driven is my 468ci '67 camaro.



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                            I will have to second the DeLorean. I believe it to be one of the most unique cars ever produced by man. I once saw a DeLorean with a Cadalac Northstar V8 mounted in it at a car show. Man, was that SWEET.

                            Either the DeLorean or a Lotus Esprite V8 Twin Turbo.


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                              Truck choice - Hummer (yes, call me "victim")

                              Car choice - McLaren F1

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