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Neons and black-lights (UV's)

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  • Neons and black-lights (UV's)

    I didn't know where to post this so I thought play it safe and put it in here - Hope people look in here!

    I'm wanting to put a black light (an ultra violet light) into the binnicle of my dashboard to make the white dials really glow. But as usual, no one in the UK sells such a thing!
    Does anyone knoe of a mail order company that sells such a thing?
    Needs to be about 6" long (150mm) and less than 1/4" (6mm) in diameter.

    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards,

    Darren Thrower

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    There are tons of them on eBay. M.A.V.I.C. System
    Asus MB, PII 266, 192 MB Ram, 6.8" LCD, 6 Disk CD-ROM, 21 Gig HD, All-in-Wonder Video w/ TV Tuner, Irman, Windows ME, Winamp, Cobra III -- All in a custom acrylic case. MP3car Listings - Please add to it! :)


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      anything that glows they got it, great range.

      they got a 6" black light, but i think that comes in a pack of 2


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        yo m8 I reakon u'd be better off with a cold cathode

        many uk sites selling these for the PC

        all based in the uk!
        I'm a forum moderator over at OCS, they r a good company. Also a regular at tekheads, yet another good company. The other 2 I have done business with also good! lol


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          oh yeah, the cheapest ones to buy r from maplin, they are velleman cold cathodes but they are never in stock!