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  • I hate my life

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    i totally agree with you. the only thing is, i put as little effort into everything as possible and am happy if i keep a 3.0 GPA and Cs in all my "core" classes. the only things that get me going to school are hot girls and friends. but whatever, i have been trying to figure out the meaning of life, but i don't know yet. i hate life.



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      The whole point is to survive, to get through it all and be able to look back and say Iíve had a good life. Now I didnít realize that until I was out of high school, until then I felt the same as you, I sit here all day listening to people ďteachĒ me things that I care little or nothing about so that I can work for the rest of my life making someone rich. No this isnít a rages to riches story. I didnít go to college nor do I want to, I believe that Iíll learn the things I really like doing, and no I don't make a lot of money but I'm happy most of the time. People around me keep telling me that I have such great ďpotentialĒ why donít you become a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or something. Answer it wonít make me happy I wonít be able to look back and say I had a good life. Schools need to be reformed like lots of other things around this world, but I donít see that happening soon. Once you get into the real world and the latest fashion and what John Doe did in class yesterday isnít the biggest thing since sliced bread things will get better, or at least you might start feeling better about your life.

      Sorry if I rambled,

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        Yeah, i hear ya... School is sooo pointless. But it is a nessecary evil. I just think of the things that make me happy in life. (my car, my gf, etc) and sit there and daydream. you have to dream. that is what keeps me going.
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          Hold out through high school - don't kill yourself, but don't slack off, either. You want as many choices as you can get. Freedom to choose whether you go to college or work is such a great feeling. Move away from the 'rents and you are in charge. Choice is a very awsome thing.

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            guy, mellow..
            in the end it doesn't matter.
            finnish high school, make choices to make your life enjoyable the way you want it to be.
            don't put much value on anything cause who know when its gone

            read an interesting book, smoke some interesting drugs. experience life in every way.
            University.. Hmmm well there is always next year (or so i tell myself), hell i dont even know if i want to go.
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              lstrunk: i was in the same exact spot just a few years ago and my first year of college too. my anger and depresion came from having barely any friends and not giving a damn. i then transferred to a larger school and was away from home for the first time. wow, i can now say that i am very happy now. i have more friends in college now than i ever did in high school. yes, high school is a bore and some of the crap they teach you will never be used again, but just hang in there. whenever people told me that i just blew them off, but it ended up holding true. i am now in my 2nd year at an awesome college away from home and i love it! its amazing how changing your lifestyle for the better can make such a difference. my reason for waking up tomorrow is to see friends, finish my education and have an awesome top end computer job, instead of working at McDonalds making crap for money for the rest of my life.
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                You may think Christianity is stupid and that there is no God, and quite honestly, if you are adamantly set against it, there is nothing I can say to convince you otherwise. It's a faith thing. But I tell you what, I'm not rich, I'm not great looking, I have no girlfriend, and I put up with the same crap you do every day, but I'm very happy and I have meaning and purpose in life. So, you can go on thinking religion is a crutch and that I'm narrow-minded, stupid, and(or) weak. I have happiness, peace and joy that cannot be taken away.

                That's all I'm going to say on the subject. This is not a forum to debate all the problems with religion or discuss theology. I do sincerely hope that you find some answers to your questions.


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                  To those who hate their lives and school:

                  I come from a small country in Central America. We had a civil war back in the late 70s/early 80s. I saw so much blood that I can still remember its smell. I lost many of my best friends, I still have in my mind the image of their lifeless bodies lying on the ground. I still remember the whistling sound of bullets over my head. Yes, I saw the face of Death and it was at that time that I realized how beautiful and preacious life really is .
                  I had to quit my studies ( I was in college then) and leave the country because I wanted to LIVE.
                  I'm 42 now and I wish I could go back in time and finish my studies. Education gives the power to do a lot of things that you want to do, that's something that you'll learn with time. Trust me, I know.
                  So, come on guys! Cheer up! Enjoy life! Stay in school, do your best and do it for yourselves!!
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                    Intresting thing that "life" isnt it but at the end its you who maps the path in it that you would like to take.
                    Some poeple know what they want from life others dont even think about it and just going with the flow...
                    I persionally believe that everyone has to input something for humanity and for this world sometimes in their life, otherwise we will come and go and that would be it.
                    That something can be even things like rasing your child to be a good person give him/her education... Or even plant a tree somewhere on earth. Everyone chooses how much they want to input...
                    Like the previous poster (Miel Gibson) i have seen some hard time in life but i always planed my life ahead. Tried to do everything in my ability to get where i wanted to be... and i tell you with bit of luck its possible, things you dream yesterday can become a reality tomorrow.
                    I finished High school 4 years ago and sometimes i really would give anything to be back in there just for a day... even though it wasnt anything special.
                    I think that education is most important thing in life... at the end of the day you get respected not for how much money you got but how much you know.
                    I'm starting my university this year, doing part time course in engineering even though im working in a position that some people would probably dream of. And i heard so many people saying "What the hell do you need a digree for you already got pretty good job so why waste years of your life". To me its not a waste its chance to get better in what you are...
                    Believe it or not but we constantly learn though out our lives... To be it through experience or some other means... and it will never stop until our heart is stop beating.
                    So i guess the first question you need to ask yourself is... "What do i want to do with my life" and when you come up with the answer then plan your life to achive that!
                    If it means 10 years of non stop education... if that what it takes to achive your goal then stick to it and do it till the end.
                    I just cant understand the people who live with the next day... If I go to sleep without knowing what im doing the next day, next month, next year.... I rather never wake up.
                    Now the choice is yours... you just like any of us get one life to live so lets make it a good!

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                      Wow, such a pessimistic outlook lstrunk. But being of the same generation I can understand where you are coming from. And nothing anybody says here is going to answer your questions because the only one that can do that is you. I mean you are right, if you look at the big picture one person is nothing, one lifetime is merely a blip in the scale of time...but if you change your perspective then life can make more sense.

                      I think you need to find what it is that makes you happy and do that. Whether it be working at McDonalds, or studying at a university, if it makes you happy then who is anybody else to tell you not to do it. Your parents just want you to have as many opportunities as possible, and in general college does allow for more opportunity.

                      For me, knowing that I am doing exactly what I want to do because I want to do it makes me happy. But that isn't the case for everyone, some people are more layed back and "roll with the punches" better than myself. So do whatever it is that makes you happy, and when you are feeling stressed out take a step back and RELAX. I mean you said it yourself, nothing realy matters, so don't let it bother you.


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                        Dude... just do what you want in life.

                        First off, the Bible says that you should be thankful for your problems in life. Why? Because problems is what makes you stronger. If God solved every little pathetic problem and made life all perfect... what fun is that? We just ask for a computer in the car and God gives it to us...wheres the fun in designing, building, and pennypinching for a 4-second boot time system? Where would hackers be if all the networks in the world were open without security? Heck, hackers are ECSTATIC when they meet up against a new measure of security, because it is another problem that they can overcome in order to add to their knowledge of computer security.

                        Its just like in the Matrix. The machines built humans the perfect virtual world... but the humans rebelled.

                        Besides... it would be an unnatural world if God left out problems. There HAS to be consequence to our actions.

                        As for proving the Bible... I dare YOU to prove any contradictions in the Bible without just blindly saying "There ARE contradictions in the Bible!" People who have tried in the past only used ONE particular english translation, bending the meaning of the english words, without taking a look at the original meanings of the Aramaic, Greek, and ancient Hebrew texts.

                        But enough about the Bible. All these people are right. The meaning of life is to survive. Chill out, its not the end of the world. College is helluva lot better than Highschool... I hated high school... Go away to college, and you'll have fun being with people you like to talk to. (Oh yeah... avoid SUNY Institute of Technology! This crud hole is the worst excuse of a school I've ever seen, even compared to the worst community college) And also, going to a "great" college is not necessary. You'll have just as much fun and as great an education in a large State University (except for SUNY Tech! SUNY Tech SUX0RS!). And don't believe the BS that employers check your high school records for your grades. They don't. All that matters is your 2.5 average (or above) when you finally graduate from college. (high school grades and SATs only count to entrance into 1st and 2nd tier colleges) Do internships and Co-op programs. Make money and find out what kind of job is fun for you. And most importantly, come back to this board and brag about the system you put together in your tricked-out car that only cost about 3-hours worth of pay.

                        And if anything, its fun to beat the living daylights out of someone. That should be incentive enough to wake up the next morning. (just say it was self defense... they were threatening your way of life by attempting to give you a poor grade)

                        Hey I've been there and I've been close to suicidal. You ever seen Joy Luck Club? That was my life. The pressurized Asian American kid. Playing violin and piano? Sure as hell not for fun... my parents forced me to play for the stupid college applications. I wanted to learn how to use Turntables, which would have been more beneficial for a praise band in church than learning the Piano (which there can be only one of... and asian churches have millions of kids that play piano) or violin (which, again, there are billions of them in asian american communities, and they were always better than me). And it was rediculous since they spend tens of thousands of dollars on my violin and piano lessons, yet I'm not allowed to pursue them as a career (or have DJ equipment for several hundred). If its not obvious, I have quit those proverbial balls that are shackled to my ankles. Science Olympiad? Mathletes? Science Club? Chamber Orchestra club? All were BS clubs that were for college applications. Such a waste of time... I would have spent all that after-school time doing cooler stuff (like car computers! or API programmming... Honor Society? What a load of horse****... especially the 50-hour per quarter philanthropy requirements! UGH! school-taught SAT classes? I went every morning at 5am to sit for several hours for a test that only counts at the first school you apply to after high school. (After that you can transfer to wherever you want... they NEVER ask for your SATs again!) And I even took Princeton Review (another SAT-hacking class) ...twice! And this was my evenings... so you can tell my parents were nuts about me trying to get over a 1350... what a waste of sleep time and evenings. Then they yell at me for falling asleep in the shower and for working so late on my homework??? hahaha... I really hated their shortsightedness.

                        I hated my parents and I especially hated my school. And if I knew back then what I know now, I would have hated them even more for putting me through so much useless crap. However, it was all for the better because NOW I have learned the most important thing of all... how to rank your priorities. I learned how to look through all the BS and see what I REALLY need in order to survive in life. I had the feeling that standarized tests were stupid and did not have a bearing as to how my life you end up. I ignored those feelings, and now I know that I shouldn't have.

                        There are more important things in life than high school and academics. The people who had the right attitude were the ones that scoffed at the teachers who were upset at students who couldn't regurgitate their lessons, or parents who freaked because their child didn't get an A+ (even though they passed). Just because a teacher says that "you have so much potential" doesn't mean you have to waste it in highschool. Save your potential for college, your future social life, customizing your car, your future job, your future family, auto-sound competitions, etc etc. Ignore the others who get in your way. Getting down on yourself because you didn't recieve someone else's approval in how you "performed" is irrelevant. Next time the wreslting coach says "Why didn't you get a 100 on your citric Krebs acid photosynthesis cycle diagrams?" you can shrug your shoulders and silently laugh at the idiots who think its the end of the world because they only got an 87 instead of a 96.

                        So do what you want. Do what interests you. If you fail high school, you can always go to community college and transfer from there into a nice school. Don't sweat the small stuff. High school is one of the more stupid of the small stuff.

                        Sorry I am spewing so much especially the religion stuff. Its time for sleep. (argh! 5am!)


                        PS: What do you want to be when you grow up?

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                          PS: What do you want to be when you grow up?
                          I don't know. I've always wanted to be a computer systems somethingorother up until now, but I just kinda realized how much I hate math. I really hate math, I hate going in to trig. I can't concentrate, I can't think, I can't understand it, and I have to memorize it for a test the next week. I was going to take Calculus, but I'm thinking of deciding not to, and just taking easy math class to bring my grade up as much as possible next year, so I can have a higher GPA. Currently I have a 3.63, its dropped from a 3.67 since last semester because of English. I have to keep it over a 3.5 if I want to do post-secondary next year, which is basically takiing College courses at the local college, for free, for both Highschool and College credit. There has been students that have graduated with 2 year degrees 2 days after they graduate from Highschool. This way, I get to get free college courses. I will probably take English, Math and science at the college, and US constitution at the high school. Atleast that would make me happy, and I would have much more freedom. I will also be the computer guy for the whole district aswell, and that keeps me occupied, and gives me quit a bit of leverage aswell.
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                            Originally posted by Machs_FueL:
                            <STRONG>guy, mellow..
                            in the end it doesn't matter.
                            finnish high school, make choices to make your life enjoyable the way you want it to be.
                            don't put much value on anything cause who know when its gone

                            read an interesting book, smoke some interesting drugs. experience life in every way.
                            University.. Hmmm well there is always next year (or so i tell myself), hell i dont even know if i want to go.</STRONG>

                            I`ve just started uni, and personally, i find it`s much better than high school/college... the key is to find a subject u enjoy, it sort of gives you a reason to go on, etc.
                            also, living away always helps

                            Interesting book: The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart. Very good book.
                            Interesting drugs: umm, i`m not gonna write that here
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                              Originally posted by lstrunk:
                              I really do.
                              That's quite understandable. Most people's lives are pathetic, they are just too stupid to know. It's the smart people that stand up proudly and say "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!".

                              My parents are jerks.
                              Most parents are. They think they are doing something good for their children, where really they are just trying to make up for their own inadaquite childhood. Or they are so set in their ways that anyting "unnormal" is wrong.

                              My sister is a preppy little brat who cares about nothing except the latest styles and going to her friends houses.
                              Most highschool (or elemantary school) girls are. Blame it in the media, their peers, their parents, or hormones, but whatever the cause, the outcome is the same. Best advice I can give is to ignore her/them. GGG's (Giggly Gap Girls) are one of the truely annoying things in this world, and so very sad in a way.

                              I hate school. They want me in the Honor Society. If I don't, I don't get any disant scholorships, then I can't go to a good college to get a good job TO ACOMPLISH NOTHING!!!
                              I'll tell you what I did through highschool: I didn't care. Didn't give a rats *** about school. High school is a total farce, and wrong in so many ways it's not even worth getting into. And I saw something very interesting after I left: those with good grades are not necessarily those which are successful.

                              Yes, we can all say I did this or that, but does it really matter. We are on a small water planet circling an average sun in an average spiral galaxy. One out of Billions upon billions. Does it really matter, does it really matter what I do, or say, or think?
                              OK, Marvin (Not everyone may get the reference, but hopefully it won't be lost on most peopel here). It really doesn't matter what you do, in the big scheme of things. The universe doesn't care. It does however matter in your life. And because it does matter in your life, what you do has a large effect on yourself and those around you.

                              I could go shoot someone, but who cares, I would cease a chain reaction in a group of carbon based molecules. So the hell what!? (note: I'm not gonna shoot anyone).
                              Too bad. The world is overpopulated and eliminating one more stupid person would do us all a great favour.

                              What is the purpose of this? Christians believe that it is to serve god, etc.
                              There is no god, there can not be. For if there was a god, why is there suffering, starving and killing? If there is a god that allows this, I want no part of him. And since there is no god
                              Well, I could play devils advocate and argue about this, but arguing about god is boring, and I agree with you anyway. Achem's Razor, and all that.

                              (Christians: say one thing that proves the bible correct without disproving evolution or any other religion, I dare you!)
                              Christians and Catholics are the wrong ones to act. So self riteous and blind to their own failings (note: I am techically a Catholic, so I don't want that statement to start an argument). The Catholic church is nothing more than a glorified and accepted cult.

                              There is really nothing to care about. I could go to a good college, get a good job, and be happy. But why? So that an assortment of carbonic Molecules that over billions of years has evolved into "Man" as we know it, will be happy? Why?
                              Well, for one reason being happy is much more enjoyable than not being happy. But don't assume that college and a job will make you happy, because odds are it won't.

                              I will never accomplish anything worthwhile, I will never be remembered, no one will ever say "Hey, lets be like Logan Strunk". Why should I care?
                              Well, not with that attitude you won't, mister. Just joking. Can you say for certain that you won't accomplish anything? Or is it that you haven't accomplished anything yet, and that is what you are basing your future on?

                              I have to go to school tommorow. I have to sit a desks while "teachers" try to cram useless information down my throat.
                              Get a palmtop. Play DooM during class.

                              Lets take english for an example. My English teacher is a 60 year old woman who wishes she could teach a college senior class. She is still upset that her first english prof. gave her an F for a run on sentance.
                              Teachers are not human, so they do not belong in this discussion.

                              I have never scored over a 90 on anything I do in there, yet I work hours on essays. I know how to write an essay, I know how to make notes, why do I have to constantly prove this fact, only in order to recieve a "grade" that determines my GPA, which determines which college I go to, which deteremines the amount I get paid, so therefore my amount of happiness later in life?!
                              Marks don't matter. No employer is going to care how you did in a highschool english course. At leat, employers worth working for won't. High marks to not guarantee success in life. Especially with the crap they are teaching in high school. I can give you a long list of students in my old high school with 90s that are now flipping burgers and pumping my gas (on the off chance I go to a full serve station).

                              Now lets take Biology. That class is taught by the wrestling coach.
                              OK, that's just funny.

                              The only reason he does it is to be able to coach, because you have to work for the school in order to do that. He hates his job, and in shows. Today he threw a chalk eraser at a kid, because the kid is a jerk,
                              I wish some of my teachers would have done that. Knocked some sense into thos morons. But I see your point here, and half the people that are teaching should NOT be. Teachers should ALWAYS be young. Period. Anyone who argues with that is just stupid.

                              and he does not need to be teaching people. I have to do a project in there, I was grouped with 2 other people.
                              Those people do not care, they hate me, and I hate them.
                              I hate 99.9999% of people on this planet. People suck, deal with it. Ream those assholes for not helping with the project, and if you really care about it, do it your damn self and hand it in individually.

                              If I do not do the project, I get an 80, which lowers my GPA, which lowers my "Happiness", and they fail.
                              Your happiness depends on your grades? I suggest you seek professional help.

                              IF they fail, I have to be withstand there ****iness until I get mad enough to beat the **** out of them. I then get suspended, which lowers my GPA, in turn, my happiness.
                              Ignore them, they're not worth it.

                              I quit caring.
                              Why should I even get up tommorow?
                              Please tell me.
                              Don't know...Doesn't Survivor III start tomorrow night?
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