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  • how about this

    [ 10-18-2001: Message edited by: Sexor ]

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    1983 BMW 733i
    Cyrix 166 32MB with MPXPLAY And no display. Player sits on the back seat with a keypad in front. Someday I'll mount this thing for good...
    Gathering parts for carplayer v2.0!


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      not all that great.. while it is nice to have all that in a little package liek that I noticed that this one uses a Cyrix(Media GX) 233 MHz CPU.

      IIRC the media gx was the all in one cpu/moptherboard that does the video/audio/whatever else in addition to the normal processing on there so it was weaker than the PR233 desktop cpu

      now having said all that I still think it would be a fun toy but I dont think it would be all that great the way it is not for a mobile mp3 player in the car if you are ever thinking about Divx and I am not even sure if it will play DVD movies on that processor

      now I could be all wrong and this could be a new version of the media gx line that I have not heard of that does great things but I dont think that it is.


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        thanks for the info


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          This CPU cant do DVD but it does have MPEG1 hardware so VCD would work well. I'd ask if there is a PCMCIA dvd decoder card with it because there wouldnt be much point in having the drive without one.


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            jeez, for that amount, you are better off building ur own
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