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    A few weeks ago I installed a new head unit in my girlfriend's car, I ran a set of rca's at the same time also so that I could easily hook it up to an amp. So today I went to hook up the amp and realized I forgot to hook up the remote wire. I would normally just pull the unit out and splice the wire, but I have to basically take the whole dash apart to get to the wires. So my question is can I make the amp work without connecting the remote to where we all know it should go, (when I say remote I am referring to the small wire that allows the amp to turn on, it goes into a plug labled rem), or do I have to go to the trouble of taking the dash apart again?

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    You could connect it to the acc line.

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      just connect it to any wire thats on when the car is on... it needs +12V at anywhere between .05A and 1A probably ... its a relay to turn the amp on.


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        i know many people who have theirs caneccted to the acc wire..
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          What I did was connected it to the fuse of the radio. Dodge Acc. lines are hard to get to. I originally had it directly connected to the battery with a switch to turn it on/off, but I got tire of flipping the switch all the time.
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