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  • Fast and Furious is out!

    Just a small reminder to everyone:
    Fast and the Furious comes out on DVD today!! Its weird that the release date is on a Wed though. The DVD is packed with tons of extras. Im heading out early to get my copy before stores run out.
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    It was an OK movie, but totally inaccurate. And it has brought unneeded media attention back to street racing. Plus, I'm tired of every rice-boy wanna' be asking me if I "have NOS"...
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      KMart was selling it Jan 1. There is so many things blatenly wrong in that move its sad.
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        What I'm sick of, is gaming, and having people make comments about my nick/handle and watching too much Fast and The Furious. I've been using this nick since about '93 when I started out on IRC. And its short for Nosferatu, not Nitrous Oxide.

        Aside from that, I did enjoy the movie, but the technical details didn't bother me because I didn't know enough to know what was wrong. Now if you want to discuss inaccuracies in SwordFish, Hackers, etc. I'm all for it


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          yer swordfish haha, still enjoyable to watch though, soundtracks ok (paul oakenfold) havcent seen fast and the furious, but it looks crap, has any1 seen the original gone in 60sec the old one? thats on dvd ment to be good


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            yes, I am very very sick of of Ricer boys.
            Theres this one in my history class that has a POS Nissan. He Put a Cheap NOS system in his Car, and is to cheap to actually buy Nitrous for it, so he doesn't even have a tank hooked up.
            When I get my car, I plan on buying a used scuba tank from my Scuba instructor (i'm taking Scuba lessons) and running a copper line from the Reg and under my carpet to the firewall, and just putting a tiny hole in the end of the pipe.
            I'll just "Claim" to have NOS, and when I turn the Reg on, it'll hiss cause the hole in the end of the pipe.
            I'll just make sure I never actually try to use it :-)
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              yeah, i saw the original Gone In 60 Seconds on DVD during the summer. its pretty cool for an older movie.
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                Originally posted by Nos:
                <STRONG> Now if you want to discuss inaccuracies in SwordFish, Hackers, etc. I'm all for it </STRONG>
                hehe, i just bought Hackers a few days ago, and still think it is funny that among other things his big crime was only knocking out 1600 computers


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                  Did you know that mainframes are big transparent glass things with displays and lights running through them? and they arc electricity when people hack them?

                  I always thought they were big metal boxes with computers inside...

                  Hackers was so wrong it was funny


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                    Best part of hackers is when they are checking out the "fly laptop" with a 28.8 kbps modem LOL
                    always a good laugh!
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                      Ok, That movie sucked.....
                      I am a big street racer and it made the cops in this area crack down on the street racing secne.

                      I think that it was the biggest joke ever...
                      An Eclipse with a 8 speed trans, RX7 That gose like 140 then hits the NOS, and a Floor pan falling out @ 100. No way.... It just a joke movie, and maybe more racing secnes would be cool.....


                      Charger - Pulling the wheels and smoking the tires..... No Way
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                        THey had a lift on the front of the charger for that scene I liked how at the beginning he lost control of the eclipse because it topped out at 140


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                          the Fast and the Furious is based on a true story from an article. its not a made up story on what people think racing is. the cars in there are real and race wars really did happen with over 1,500 cars showing up. the Supra in the movie is owned by the president of NIRA. yes, there are flaws in the movie, but it tells a story.

                          As far as Hackers goes, i love the part when he hacks and it shows a beautiful color interface saying he hacked, and that the girl on the other end owns him. I never knew hacking could be so easy and colorful...heh

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                            Fast and furious was good enought to be seen once, in theatres for the stunts.. otherwise i'd say it was a pretty dumb movie made to appeal to a young generation..

                            original gone in 60s was cool, kind reminded me of interstate '76 .. im glad i missed the 70s
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                              The original Gone in 60 Seconds was good, if you ignored all the acting and just watched the scenes with cars. A movie that is ment for only DVD for the ease of skipping through the scenes.