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What do you guys know about 4Runners?

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  • What do you guys know about 4Runners?

    Hey Guys :-) I'm thinking of moving on in the vehicle world :-) I'm driving a 94 GMC fullsize, 4x4 with the 6.5 L Turbo diesel (201000 some miles :-) ) and now that i'm going to be getting a actual apartment and living in town (instead of the middle of nowwhere) and the milege drop from the stop and go is killing me (21 mpg down to 13 mpg) Anyways, what do you guys know about Toyota 4Runners, i've noticed a couple of you guys have them, and I'm thinking that I could really use the extra space for installing all my toys :-) (instead of the extended cab I'm in) Is there anything I need to look out for in the toyotas? I'm looking into a 96 (crossing fingers) but I'm really not familiar with the Toys, Thanks!
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    Hey cory, I am across the border in Pullman and my girlfriend has a 4 runner. I cannot memember what year exactly but it is a mid nineties. I think that it is a great vehicle. It has about 130,000 miles on it, but Toyotas are supposed to run forever so I would recommend at least taking a good look at buying one.


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      Sorry I didnt see this earlier

      There are quite a few of us that have 4Runners....mine is a 96 SR5 4x4 and I absolutely love it. The only engine work that Ive had done is a new starter. Otherwise mine has run perfectly and still is. I bought mine new in 1996. I got in every SUV and fell in love with the 4Runner. Not only do they run forever, but you can do anything with them. They are excellent off-road vehicles, yet they are also excellent on long road trips. Fuel economy is definitely in the top 3 for its size. Before all my modifications I was getting like 19 in the city and 23 on the highway. The ride is great (before my mods...lift, mud tires, etc). In my book they have the most back seat room. In comparison to the Explorer there is about 2.5 times as much. Im 6'1'' tall and have lots of head room still (i barely fit in a pathfinder). The only thing I dont like is the cup-holder in the dash (it hides your AC controls) when you have a cup in it. Other than that I am quite satisfied with it. Im actually looking at a new one this summer. When you sit in it, it just fits like a glove (your not 8 feet away from your passengers, but by all means you will feel a dominate pressence on the road...but compared to your GMC, you may feel a little smaller

      If you have any specific questions feel free to ask.
      I dont know if you are looking to get into a little off-roading mods, but the 1995 4Runner is much cheaper to lift and mod, but its not a "full-size" nor quite as "luxurious".

      Im sure AdamF will put a response up...we both missed your post
      I'm a me if you have any questions on my old setup

      My way outdated website:

      FYI: I sold my 96 4Runner and bought a 1985


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        Simply put, 4runners are an excellent vehicle. Top notch. If you have any specific questions, just ask. Check out my homepage at and be sure to visit "toyota suv" forum. There is a whole wealth of info there. make sure you tell them "Adam F" sent ya!