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    This is an off-topic branch of this thread.

    Originally posted by lloydy
    My research is entitled "Mobile Communication Networks".
    Does that mean you'll be using your car as a test bed? and what ideas have you got for a non-proprietry SVG? Perhaps something like google maps (Javascript + AJAX)? I'd be willing to help with this etc if needed.

    I'm currently looking at doing a self-funded PhD on something to do with computer vision in vehicles for safety etc. this is the main reason I went for a hefty processor. My first project will be an attempt to make a camera based radar that highlights fast moving vehicles and gives warnings of object in blind spots, which is easy if the car is standing still, but gets interesting/difficult at 100MPH.

    FYI, Elan do a USB to PCMCIA 3G card adaptor for £100. If the 1GB/month limit vodafone currently have for their £40/month internet "unlimited" connection, then I'd be very much up for some internet radio/skype in the car!
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    I will perhaps be using my carPC as a small testbed for testing DVB-H at speed. I can also track my location using GPS.

    However, my main focus is on end user terminals software/services and service creator middleware. My aim is to redesign the whole DVB-H/T broadcast system (as far as interactive services are concerned) so that a broadcaster (say the BBC) can create one service, then using my system, turn into a service that is fully compatible with mobile phones, settop boxes (TVs), PDAs, PSPs?, Laptops etc. My middleware will change the service and make it fully accessible. Also, SVGs aren't used atm (MHP is used which is utter CRAP) so I plan to change all this so that it all looks and performs well. I'm in a strange grey area where I love programming AND graphic design where most people are one or the other! LOL.

    It's great fun in my uni broadcast lab just seeing "Lloydy" come up as channel next to all the regular DVB channels such as BBC1 and Channel 4 etc. Hehe I'm such as saddo geek!

    Good luck with your PhD. It sounds very interesting. I think if you apply to right uni and the right department you can easily get funsing for that project from the uni itself.

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