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    hey ive got a problem here and need an answer or a push in the right direction.

    My cars dash burnt out awhile ago, and all the wires have all been replaced by myself, which was fine and are all working.

    But i am not able to re-wire in the indicator relay (box thing, or whatever it is)

    I drew a picture and could someone tell me if this is what the layout of the indicator wiring in a car looks like?

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      errr google?


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        ahh have tried google came up with nothing, im sure someone on this board knows a little about the wiring patterns of indicators in cars. please help


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          You really need to find the specific wiring diagram for that car. You may possibly get away with a wiring diagram for a similar car, but I doubt anyone here can tell you off-hand how to wire that.
          I do believe you need to search more. I mean, THIS site doesn't help at all?
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            Here is the diagram for my 93 Dakota.
            Obviously it is not the same as your Dodge, but the basics are the same for turn signal wiring.
            Your car does not have the intergrated multifunction switch like my truck, so the hazzard light part of the diagram does not apply to you.
            You should have a flasher in your turn signal circuit. Is that what you are referencing as the relay?
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              Here is a diagram for 1969 Dodge pickups. This will be a lot closer to what you have.
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                Need to know more about your indicator lights before I could help.
                Do you have a single indicator bulb at the rear like the UK type or does it sequentially flash the stop light too like the US?
                What terminals do you have on the flasher unit?
                Does it have any code numbers, manufacturer's mark or terminal IDs?
                Pure stab in the dark I'd say it was a "hot wire" 3 terminal flasher in an aluminium cylindrical can.
                Have you considered replacing it with a modern equivalent?