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just when you think you've seen everything

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  • just when you think you've seen everything

    big rig/motor-home + spinners - $4,599.00 = this
    they made me laugh
    "Damn pounds. Euros and USD!" - N09

    "don't ruin my dreams! my parents did plenty of that " -Hcomplyr

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    Theres actually a black & chrime semi around here in orange county (socal) that I saw about 2 years ago for the first time with spinners on it.. he runs around here all the time.. although I hate spinners, a semi w/ spinners is still pretty impressive to see..
    Sell me your stuff.. please see what i'm looking to buy


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      I should show my dad these.... He owns 12 semi's himself... Think they'll get scratched up when hes dumping a load of gravel in the middle of the highway? Looks good if you have show semi which IMO is Insane...... and sorta pointless....


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        We saw a Peterbuilt on I-75 last summer coming back from Columbus with the GT model spinners on them.
        My wife took a picture but it didn't come out.
        Damn funny I thought.