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    Who else has played this? Its out for xbox and ps2. I got the xbox version. Graphics are amazing, guns loook so real, sound is also top notch. Playing it on surround sound with a woofer is just awesome when the explosions come. If you dont have it, I suggest picking it up. Almost everything in the game is destructable.

    Now the one flaw is the story line and plot, its kinda dumb, but who cares really.

    Some people say the explosion and stuff are cool, but after a while, they get played out. But isnt every game repetitive? I mean sure, the object of this game is to shoot and kill people. Each level is differnt and unique. Some people say the levels are short, sure they are, if you are playing the game on easy. On easy, you can carry up to 3 health packs, and there are tons of health packs throughout the level, as well as tons of ammo throughout the level. Playing on easy you can just run n gun and use your health packs and get thru each level in like 15 minutes. I on the other hand, like a challenge and chose hard. On hard, there are more enemires, you can not carry any health packs, and there are a lot less health and ammol statshed throughtout the level. On hard, the first leve is the shortest at just over 20 minutes. The other 8 levels on average took me 45 minutes, with the last one taking me 1 hour 36 minutes to finish. Also if you finish each level on hard, once you finish the game, you unlock silver weapns. Basically everyone weapon is silver, you have unlimted bullets, and you also unlock the m16a, which is a gun/ bomb launcher (dont know the proper name) its pimp though. Once you finish on hard, you unlock the special ops level, which is one leve above hard, and in order to advance to the next level, you need to complete each of the side objectives, which can total up to like 20 side objectives such as finding intel, destroying black mail, and meeting a destruction quota.

    Anyway, I think its real good and is quite challenging on hard level.
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    I've had it for about a month now. To me its really no different than any other FPS out there. i HATE games that take 30 rounds to kill one soldier. Guys take shotgun rounds to the face and live in that game lol. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      howd u have it for a month? it just came out tuesday.

      I kinda agree with you at the amount of rounds it takes to kill someone, but then again, a head shot will kill em, and also I think they made it take so much bullets so that it kinda forces you to shoot alot and destroy the envioronment.
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