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best antivirus?

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  • best antivirus?

    what do you guys think is the best antivirus software? thanks,
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    Norton Antivirus 2001/2002. with Liveupdate, works a treat.
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      Personally I like AVP

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        norton all the way.



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          Back in the days of the 200mmx machines, I found Norton to be a bit of a system hog. McAfee was much faster.

          But I use Norton now, so I guess my advice is a little dated...

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            I have McAfee up and running here. No problems. They have an update button you just click. I think the latest version is automatic now.

            Basically, there is no best one. They all do the same. And they all eat up resources.

            I'd go with whatever is cheapest.
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              AVG 6.0, available for free at
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                Norton Antivirus all the way! I had too many problems with McAfee and have been using NAV for about 4 years now. I transfer about 60GB of data over the internet a month and have never had a virus. Automatic virus definition updates are the best!
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                  Norton AntiVirus. I prefer the corporate edition (just plain wicked software), but that's a little steep for home use. 2001 or 2002 will do fine for home users.
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                    i dont like the way nortan takes over your computer even when i disable all these auto scan stuff it still pops ups and scans your hdd when it feels like and moves all my files into quarinteen so i cant find em and then i uninstalled it and couldnt get files back. i think i installed system works 2002 and that takes over recyle bin and windows defrag aswell.

                    basically i didnt know how to use it properly, but id prefere i simple antiviral prog that i could just run now and then at my desire. i dont use one anymore.


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                      Officescan from Trend Micro the best there is.
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                        I use NAV 2002 and NIS 2002, works pretty good and Liveupdate is great. I think AVP is probably a bit "better" in terms of finding trojans and such. Haven't used it in a year or two though.
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                          well i decided on NAV 2002 and am rather satisfied. it caugh the virus i tried to send my machine as a test, and it even found a virus i had on my machine that i was unaware of. thanks for all your opinions!
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