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sales reps are retarded.

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  • sales reps are retarded.

    *phone rings*

    "this is matt" i say

    "hey matt, this is adam. the sound on my computer isnt working, can you come look at my system?" adam asks

    "can it wait 20 minutes, i am in the middle of something." i reply

    "well, uh, um i have an appointment in 10 minutes and i need my sound working"

    "ok ill be there in 5"

    *walks down hall and looks at computer*

    "when did the sound cut out?" i ask

    "a couple days ago, i just didnt want to bother you" adam replies.

    "hmmmm, this is weird it should be working, there isnt a problem with the sound card or your computer...." i say

    *turns up volume on speakers*

    "there you go" me again

    "wow matt, that was quick!" adam

    god damn sales reps calling me when i am in the middle of doing something....


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    LOL maybe you should just take his computer away, this way no more hassels!


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      need some tech support humor. check this site out. guarenteed to keep you entertained!
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        Originally posted by RaZor:
        <STRONG>need some tech support humor. check this site out. guarenteed to keep you entertained!</STRONG>
        rotflmao.............BWAAAA HA HA HA
        I actually fell on the floor laughing at some of these things
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          Trust me,
          I do tech support for my school (along with my idiot partner, but I caught him last week trying to put a PCI card in a AGP slot, so I kind of discount him),
          And teachers are the stupidest people.
          You would think people with college degrees would be smart, but they aren't.
          One guy used the same floppy disk to hold his grades for over 3 years, then when It went corrupt, he asked me for help. When I looked at it, and told him the news, he got mad at ME! and is still mad at me, 5 months later!
          Friggin *******!
          Another instance is when we Used to have a nice big computer lab with a Lexmark Network printer. I walked in there one day, and the thing was in pieces, scattered about the ground, the whole back was ripped off, etc.
          When we questioned the last teacher to go down there, she said she didn't know about it, which was bull****, so we shut the lab down, and told the teachers that if they can't be responsible with a 2000$ printer, than they don't deserve a computer lab.
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