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  • Printer drivers in NT

    As this board implies, this is way off topic...

    I got my hands on a used HP DeskJet 1200/C printer that I'm trying to use under NT 4. Surely there is a driver in the NT CD but that one sucks badly under some programs (especially Office). The problem is that if you try to use the AutoFit functions in Excel, so to reduce a certain % the printing, for it to fit a letter page, the driver reduces that %, but the preview! not the printed page.

    There is no other driver named after that model (is not postscript) and the HP site simply has nothing. I wonder if there is some alternative driver I could use the anybody of you know about. I canīt change the OS cause it is a server in my father workshop and that is the license he bought. Thanks.

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    HP doesnt list an NT driver for your printer


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      Yes it doesn't. The driver you should use is a generic one made by microsoft...

      Somewhere in the HP forums I read something about using alternative drivers (under Win 2000) but I don't know what to try.


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        You could try some of the HP LaserJet drivers. Probably won't work, but worth a try. Nearly every printer will emulate a HP laser, but I don't know if your HP inkjet will...
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          I'll try that. But I suppose that would turn off the color... I'll try a LaserJet Color...


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            I don't have time to search for you, but look at Driverguide . Use link in upper left to log in and use log/pass of drivers/all .

            I use this quite a bit to find obscure drivers...

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              I searched in DriversGuide but no luck. The printer uses PCL-5 language... maybe i can find another model that uses the same dialect... thanks


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                had a similar problem today with a 1125c, turned out that the 750 drivers cured this don't know if this will work for you though .....Is it A3 or A4 if its A4 try drivers from a similar engined HP printer i.e deskjet 660
                good luck



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                  A3? A4? what's that? the paper size? and also, the 660 is the same engine as the 1200?


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                    I can't believe it, but using the HP Color LaserJet 5/5M driver, it not only prints correctly from excel in color... It even prints better!!!

                    Thanks for the ideas...