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Music easier to steal than ever

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  • Music easier to steal than ever

    Has anyone else noticed that since the new "napster", it's actually EASIER to steal music than it used to be when everyone was complaining.

    I just thought it was kinda funny, I actually pay the 9.99/mo for it yet i'm downloading and ripping full albums left and right...

    Food for thought... Do they sue the companies that make the converters next?

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    huh? this probably belongs in o/t.

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      i dont pay anthing for music


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        Originally posted by kirbycope
        i dont pay anthing for music

        Well, I didn't either, I used Limewire and eMule forever...

        Then I found that I can instantly 1 click download practically any album on napster in perfect quality for 9.99 a month...... the downloads are faster, and there is never any bull****.

        For the miniscule price, I don't think the free stuff can touch it.


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          arent only certian labels (record comapnies) availible tho
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            I mean, they dont' have "everything" but I've found almost everything I've looked for, with the occassional "buy for 0.99" and those you just get on limewire, lol ... but thats rare

            But I downloaded like 4 coldplay albums, all the green day albums, black eyed peas, umm.... and a few others so far... heck, I downloaded every single Eminem album too while I was at it.

            And TuneBite converts them at 4X now so I can't get enough of this, I'm on like a downloading spree, lol. And it keeps them sorted in folders for the artist/album.

            What else is cool... they have like 50 freakin years of billboard charts so you can find all the top music, and 99% of it you can download.

            If this is "paying for music" ... I'll be legit any day.

            Do I sound like a commercial or what?