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one interesting, another plain silly.....

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  • one interesting, another plain silly.....

    Here are two link I have come accross in the past few dayz... - looks like a very interesting way of generating electricity. They are gonna build one of these things in Victoria very soon. - try not to use it too much, I have some work to do!
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    Time to hop on aol and pass that around to as many newbs as i can find. Can you seriously imagine how many 12 yr olds would have to turn off their computer because of not knowing how to close a browser window without an "X"...

    I know this sounds bad me tlaking of praying on the nubians... but wouldn't it be a hoot. I remeber a time when I downloaded something.... Said it would reformat the harddrive... you go to click the damn button to make it sto pand it keeps moving. Someone would have died laughing watching me sweat and panic. ANd the look on my face when i'm looking into the other room to make sure noone has seen me in my predicament.... Classic... One of my bright shining moments of stupidity

    Brent Parsons
    Raleigh, NC
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    that is begging for a computer


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      bgoodman85: if you know how to use alt+f4 it don't break anything
      TSC: lol i dont
      1 down, a few million to go


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        gives me that nice warm'n fuzzy feeling
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          Tried to turn off the internet at work, but the firewall denied me access. Damn.

          CarPC Stolen. Starting over.
          Ne1 recognize the avatar?


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            It did the same thing to me here at work! Sometimes I hate my work's filtered Internet!
            1983 BMW 733i
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