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Samsung yepp portable mp3 player, HELP!

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  • Samsung yepp portable mp3 player, HELP!

    i saw one of these pretty cheap in a local computer store and decided to grab it, its the yp-e32 model and i wanted to know if anyone owns or has used the player.

    the trouble im having is when i use the yepp Explorer - E Series program and try to connect to the mp3 player it says "Device not connected, Please recheck the status of your cable and port" but the player it self says "connect" on the screen and i know the port works, i use it for the printer all the time, so all i can think of is it must be the cable, but it brand new.

    or do you think it could be xp finding another way to screw me?

    any help would be great.

    thanks Kardas

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    Off the top of my head, are you sure that there aren't any printer releated apps (hp/epson/okidata etc) holding that port open? If any of the printer related apps are open, try closing them, they're there to monitor the printer via the lpt1 for the most part (besides chewing up system resources needlessly ).

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      no, i just tried closing everything, and even changing the port of the printer in device driver and still no luck


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        check there website maby you need a port driver or something.

        or get a parrallel to usb adapter, as trasfering mp3s over the parrell port is going to be heeps slow anyway.