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    Ok, I know this isnt anything to do with car pc's but you guys here are smart and I need an answer so this is the best place to get it.

    I want to be able to see the contents of a web page, but the page has no index. There are pics on the page I know, but I have to type the exact link for each pic. How can I browse the contents of the page as in a folder type view?


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    Is there actually a page as in HTML or are the files just sitting on the server? If their just sitting on the server then to do that I think the web server would have to have ftp enabled and allow anon access. Servers are generally designed not to allow this because of the security implications. If this is your own web server then set FTP up if its commercial you will have to get the hoast to set it up on a folder for you or just do an html page.
    If there is actually a page then you just need to put the proper page name in. There can only be one index page per site all the others have proper names such as httpblabla//
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      No the files are just sitting on the server. There is no html at all nor an index page.

      Just a placeholder like this

      and there are pics on it. If I know the pic name I can view it by typing in the link -

      I just want to see whats there withotu actually knowing what the names are.


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        You can't. Unless the site's admin turns on directory browsing.
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          within the http.conf file it's probably specified which file to "auto open" instead of an index. If that file is not there you get a "nothing". If there isn't an auto index file specified, you get a "clickable index of the directory"

          Unless it's a windows server, then I would bore you with the details.

          you could also set a special file just on your directory that would override the server settings.

          usually it goes :
          Directory index index.htm index.html default.htm default.html index.php index.php3

          just changing that to :
          Directory index

          is what you would want



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            you could also use a program like anawave Websnake, its useful for stealing sites, images, and otherwise non-downloadable stuff. I'm not sure if it would be able to take the stuff out of the directory without knowing what is in it, but if there is a page you can view with all the pics on it this will steal it all.. and will go as many links deep as you specify...
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