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  • Upgraded to XP

    Well I finally upgraded today... I am totally freaked out by the drastic change! I feel like my computer morphed into a MSN webpage! Well it is hell of alot faster I can tell you that, but it could be the 7200RPM 80GB hard drive that you guys talked me into also. My computer has freaked out..... A 24/10/40 CD burner, 7200 80GB HD, and XP Pro all in the same weekend! Now it's time to TWEAK!!!! M.A.V.I.C. System
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    if you want to make XP faster i highly reccommend and also have some good articles on tweaking XP also.
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      There's also...

      ... ... A friend turned me onto this site. If you search this site, there are instructions to remove MSN messenger, should one want to do that.... It's kinda' neat, seeing as MS says it can't be done

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