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    I'm trying to Build up an Wikipedia for the CarPC with FAQ'S, Tutorials and informations about CarPC's.

    This wiki should get as informative as possible. everyone is invited to add Informations belonging to the CarPC. english aswell as german Lanquage.

    I hope this will get a central Informationpool for CarPC Tutorials and FAQ's which aren't that spezified than Threads in any forum, just to reduce thousands of repeated questions for the same problems and "neeb" questions.

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    Right, nice job!
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      thx atm there are lots of "white spots" at the Page, but I Hope we will fill them up fast


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        are you also a member of ?
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          Yes I am there my username is Polo_100PS_TDI


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            why nobody reads faqs or tutorials anyway... they just ask a question and expect it to be spoonfed...

            j/k I hope this works well because it would be a great resource

            sounds like a great idea
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              Jeah, i Think so, and if its a bit bigger (and I'm a bit more used to handle wikimedia ) It could / should become an translation, but theirfore there are not enough people working at the wiki.

              Or, if here are enough interested in, I can translate the Main Page now, but not the rest (at the moment not enough time) and you all can write in the most international Lanquage .

              are here also people want to work on it? (a wiki can never be a one man show)?

              (in the German forums we got the first suces, so that people first search the wiki and then Ask for more if they cant find it)

              at the english Version I need somebody that corrects my texts (or every TExt ) because english isn't my mothers lanquage

              Like I said, everyone is invited, and if its "just" to translate the Texts from german to english or the other way round.

              here is the actual Version (I just startet to translate, so don't expect to much at the moment.)



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                Why not just add a section to
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                  Originally posted by xBrady
                  Why not just add a section to

                  belive me, I tried, but everytime I tried to create and began to Write everything down, they deleted it with the "argument" its not interessting enough, and there isn't a difference between CarPC's and "embedded Systems" ...
                  I Tried to discuss that with the Admins and Op's at but they don't want to have it, so I /we (the user of desided to transform the Wikipedia that was created for the Frontend cPOS into a Wikipedia for CarPC's in general.

                  I got the Server, and the traffic etc, so I made it.

                  @mods, could you pls rename this thread to "new CarPC Wikipedia !!english and german!! pls support" so that its shown with this topic ? thx