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    its things like that which make me wish i lived in the state, seems like super easy money



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      wow.. seems rather interesting... has scam written all over it, but i am nonetheless intruiged.
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        I have never heard aything good about any of these companies. Check this link for a more detailed description.
        Better Business Bureau


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          Anytime you have put up money, $45 in this case, in order to get started that should raise a red flag. The phase too good to be true comes to mind.

          This scam has been around since the 1950s but it still gets people. A simple search on goggle for “envelope scam” yielded lots of interesting results here are a few of my favorite.


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            Can we say SCAM?

            Domain Name..........
            Creation Date........ 2001-09-29
            Registration Date.... 2001-09-29
            Expiry Date.......... 2002-09-29
            Organisation Name.... Ileana Morales
            Organisation Address. 18520 nw 67th ave
            Organisation Address. Miami
            Organisation Address. 33015
            Organisation Address. FL
            Organisation Address. UNITED STATES

            Admin Name........... Ileana Morales
            Admin Address........ 18520 nw 67th ave
            Admin Address........ Miami
            Admin Address........ 33015
            Admin Address........ FL
            Admin Address........ UNITED STATES
            Admin Email.......... [email protected]
            Admin Phone.......... 305-724-4402

            Zip code doesn't match the city above. Plus address is different from the website. Also can't find the address for IL on the website.

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              I know it is so good to be ture!


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                yeah, these are always scams
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                  another HUGE red flag is when someone asks you the following question:

                  "Do you like to make money?"

                  what the hell kind of a question is that? what am I going to say, "money sucks"? NO!

                  Being a college student, I get exposed to these things all the time. The worst scams are the pyramid schemes where they tell you they are a "very respectable company" and it takes you 20 minutes to find out what they are actually selling. Then they want you to buy a "starter kit" usually in the $300-$500 dollar range. If I am going to be an employee, you are going to pay ME, not the other way around.
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                    Sort of like car dealers...If the price is not on the car, and they won't tell you within 30 seconds, walk away.
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