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Repairing cracks/chips in glass

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  • Repairing cracks/chips in glass

    Just wondering....

    does anyone know of a good way to fix small chips in glass? One of my rear door windows received a small chip in it last night, about 3mm in diameter. If I could fix it myself that would be fantastic..... otherwise when I get a few more chips in the front windscreen I will just get it fixed then by a windscreen repair company...

    I thought maybe someone might know a nice little DIY remedy to help remove/mask the belmish...

    thanks guys!
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    Do a web search for "windshield repair" or if you can find a good auto parts store look for a 2 part galss repair resin
    I've used resins for fixing small chips that are barley noticable when finished but don't use them where a wiperblade will pass or you get constant streaks
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      what is the techniquie for applying the resins? This sounds like a good idea...
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        I belive they come in a type of syringe that allows you to "inject" it into cracks and chips. M.A.V.I.C. System
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          The syringe you pull up slowly and then release quick the liquid shoots into the cracks filling it up take it off in 10 minutes and it's great.

          Do it soon, cracks spread like cancer and rust.
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