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Fast music kills...

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  • Fast music kills...

    Thought everyone might be interested in what the scientists have to say...
    bum. broke it.

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    Makese sense to me, though I think we need to worry more about cell phones then music. At least you can listen to "fast" music with both hands on the wheel.
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      Hehehe, doesnt surprise me one bit. The music that I'm listening to totally plays into how fast im moving (drum & bass on the way into work this morning, zoom zoom ).

      Since when is insanity a bad thing?


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        So wait... does that mean we'll go backwards if we rewind the song?


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          man... im so gonna die...

          trance, techno, punk... im doomed.
          i guess the only thing saving me is the 80's hair metal i occasionally throw in!!!

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            Give me strength!!!! what a load of BS!

            Altho 'Cosmic Girl' from Jamariqui always makes me drive a bit harder.... it had that unreal video clip with all sports cars driving crazy thru the hills.....!
            Project - GAME OVER :(


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              How does racing against a record effect fit in with this theory. I will get to the pub in less time than it takes paradise city!

              And you say people actually pay money for M$ Windows?
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                Did you hear about that 120 car pileup in Georgia recently? It was due to fog - so we should make a law requiring every car to come equiped with a super expensive infrared vision system!

                How about mandatory governors on all engines limiting cars to a max of 65mph? That would certainly be safe!

                Shoot... Limiting rights of people isn't the answer. I use a cell phone all the time, but I do it safely! I simply take a quick message and call them back when I'm pulled over. Anyone who calls you will understand that.
                My solution is simple - Kill all the stupid people.

                (and use kittens for hamburgers)
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