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    “If you’ve seen the film called Cannonball Run, it’s kinda like that,”
    - Johnny Knoxville

    What the $%*# is it?
    A modern day version of the infamous 1970s road trip movie, each year the route changes but the foundation of the rally stays the same: 3,000 miles of adventure with the most eccentric group of thrill-seekers imaginable, partying every night with the who’s who of international society and pop culture. Cars featured on the rally range from million-dollar luxury vehicles to VW campers and even ice cream trucks all using CoPilot Live mobile phone satellite navigation from ALK Technologies, which will be supplied preloaded on the latest Windows Mobile 5-based phones from T-Mobile.

    The 2006 rally is an eight-day, 3,000-mile drive across three continents with a goal of uniting nations through a common passion for music, fashion, film and the motorcar.

    you will need quicktime 7
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    I know the Gumball rally and love watching the vids, but that sounded more like an advertisement for CoPilot than anything.

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      i guess maybe i should say i filmed and edited that video...
      1990 Jeep Cherokee
      2000 VW Golf TDI 4dr
      2005 VW GTI MKIV - SOLD


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        the gumball is awesome. wreckless yes (but i am not going to rant about that).

        we have a student gumball now that only costs a few hundreds to enter and goes from London to Croatia and you are limited to a 2 litre engine.

        My mate is entering in his golf and i have been helping him prep the car - advising him on supplies, safety stuff and engine tuning etc etc. He said he wanted to make a profit from sponsorship which ****ed me off. he is rich and should be doing this for charity. I jut hope no-one gets hurt and I am doing my utmost to make sure his car is safe and that he has things he may need.


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          I'm entered into the ralley. My father is letting me use is RS6.
          He was gonna come along with me at first but he can't make it. So it and a buddy of mine.
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            This years sucked though. 3 countries, airlifting cars everywhere, people shipping checkpoints.. It was basically a media campaign this year not a true gumball run.
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