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Power Generation in a zombie apocalypse

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  • Power Generation in a zombie apocalypse

    I am a complete novice when it comes to wiring and well, electricity as a whole but one day I was day dreaming about a zombie apocalypse type situation and wondered what would be the best way to generate power if all you had to do was go to a store and take what you need. Keep in mind that there is a zombie horde out there and the more time you go outside of your zombie proof shelter the more chance you have of being killed. I was kinda thinking about the C.N. Tower in Toronto as the "base camp".(because I live in Toronto) Also what kind of electricity do you think would be needed to run the elevator? Walking up a couple thousand steps every time you need to leave would be a real *****. This is the kinda thing I spend my time thinking about.:P
    P.S. any other suggestions about post-zombie apocalypse life would be appreciated.
    P.P.S. I was kinda thinking about 12V batteries as the basis of the power grid as they are in ready supply

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    Do we have any weapons? what kills them. Is this like that one brit movie? Do i need power? can i live off canned food? How many women will this shelter hold? Who else is alive? um i need more info.

    So its a tower? hmmm Id have to go with wind and solar. 12v batteries are heavy. Hmm thats a tough question. canned food and a crank up radio, but we all know the answer to this one. Just go to the pub duh! Omg when i first saw that movie i wanted to beat them all to death, not the zombies. Now its kinda funny. The army would take care of them at some point, i would hope.
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      Well with the glass floors, security should be easy. Also seeing as how it is the tallest piece of metal, and a zombie apocalypse future will most likely have persistant gloom and lightning storms, you could line the walls of the tower with capacitors to store whatever you generate and what you colect through lightning.
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          paging will1384.. lol
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