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The Great Geek Migration of 2006

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  • The Great Geek Migration of 2006

    Once a year the male geek is drawn by some unknown force to migrate away from the safety of their home and shelter. Whereas this is not an uncommon occurance within the animal realm, the male geek does posess subtle differences to other, more intelligent creatures, in the animal kingdom.

    For instance, the migrating geek does not possess the same sense of direction as, say, geese travelling south for the winter. Often the male geek will wander aimlessly about the country with only the bear minimum of essentials at his disposal (ie car, clothes, junk food, oh and a integrated pc loaded with over 1000 hours of music, movies, music videos, and tv series as well as an know...roughing it)

    Another such difference is the geek does not travel in packs, flocks, or other large groupings. Typically, the groupings are held to 2 invididuals. The commonly held reasoning behind this is that the geek projects his dominance over all other creatures and therefore alienates himself from their surroundings (either that or it's because no one else likes us)

    Whereas many migrations take place over many months, the geek migration will only occur one week out of a year. Most people find this curious. Why would anything go somewhere only to turn around and come right back? This question has been pondered by many scientists and few answers have been provided. Some consider that it may be a mating practice much like the salmon swimming upstream. However, about 50% migrating geeks already have mates and are discouraged from engaging in such activities as the geekess' are known for their violent and murderous tendancies.

    If you happen to come across a migrating geek, the best course of action is to offer him money, food, and shelter as he most likely will be unable to procure these items on his own.

    Please stay tuned to the geek migration of 2006 for pictures, video, commentary, and updates as it progresses.

    Short version..........ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This project will never be complete

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    Where to?
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      Damn and I thought this was an announcement for the National MP3Car meet in Rustin.

      (Although PhreakNic wasn't far from my mind either)
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