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  • Need help from Texans

    On the 21st of June, I'm flying out with my sister to Houston where she will be for a year finishing up her PHD. One of the reasons I'm going there is that I'm gonna help her with the technology portions of the move.

    What I want to know is, what is the best deal as far a packages go for Internet, Phone, and TV?

    Here in San Diego, we have Cox Communications and we get Digital Phone, Digital Cable, and 6MB/512K internet for about $99/month...

    What kind of prices is she looking at. And are there any companies she should stay away from?



    P.S. I'm returning to So. Cal. on the 5th of July, I'm not moving to Tx...
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    your leaving our land :O FINE don't come back!
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      Where i live we have cox too, the leading in my area is cox, even tho dish is kinda comming up. Im not sure if comcast is in houston altho i doubt it and cox would be in H-town. cox & comcast are kinda tha same at the $'s


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        houston's main internet provider is Time Warner with RoadRunner, Digital phone, digital cable. basically the same as your cox setup.
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          Originally posted by mushupork5
          houston's main internet provider is Time Warner with RoadRunner, Digital phone, digital cable. basically the same as your cox setup.
          Yeah, I just got off the phone with them.

          They told me for the first 6 months it's $100 for Digi Cable, Digi Phone (Free LD in US and Canada), and Cable internet. After that, it turns into something like $130/month... Not too shabby!

          My question now is, how good is RR for internet? Is it decent speed? should I avoid it like the plauge?


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            Mpls/St. Paul is split between Comcast and RR. Both work pretty well. RR's digital cable boxes have much better on screen displays, even after Comcast's upgrade, but the quality of service seems to be about the same. The main kicker seems to be distance to the closest office. If you're too far away, quality suffers. Same thing with poor quality wiring in your building. With digital, you need good wires and connectors.

            I'd HIGHLY suggest you ask around the neighborhood. See what everyone uses. That's what I did before I bought my house! (yes, I'm aware of my geekness)

            Oh - check out for service reports in that area.
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              I've had RoadRunner in the frst test market (Akron area) and it kicked *** then.
              I've had Comcast for 5 years now and my only complaint is the morons at the support desk.
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