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Logitech Z560 speakers kick ***

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  • Logitech Z560 speakers kick ***

    For those of you that need new speakers @ home I suggest getting Logitech Z560s, great sound

    with these speakers it feels like you are in a movie theater, their great, you gotta love THX surround sound.

    - peace out -

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    Yes, but you have to love my Klipsch Promedia 2.1's even better though. 200 watts of Base thumping joy, a 140watt sub-woofer and 30watt sats. All Klipsch products have been given a "Kick-***" award by Maximum PC, every time.
    Clarion 200watt head unit w/ Aux in.
    Kicker 800watt 4 channel amp
    In a 96 Grand Prix SE.


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      id say kilpsch 4.1 or 5.1's over the logitech z560's, but not the 2.1 (if only for the fact that it can only do stereo). The other thing is that the z560's cost less (~140) then your 2.1's, and thats not even starting to get into the 4.1's . So yes, the klipsch do sound a bit better, but you're paying a lot for that privaledge

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